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The weekend’s weather was fairly good for the offshore anglers fishing in the Port MacDonnell Offshore Angling Clubs tuna tournament and with plenty of fish being caught so far, it looks like we could be in for a cracker!

There has been no shortage of school sized tuna this week, with fish spread out from the 20mt line, all the way to the shelf. The fish have been varying sizes from 5kg though to 18kg or so.

The bigger fish seem to be a little bit deeper, but they’re very spread out. Georgia Barrett fishing with her old man Dewain has notched up another record, this time for her 9.5kg tuna on 3kg line class, well done Georgia!

There have been some nice shark captures already, the most notable being a pending world record caught by shark whisperer Kev Mcloughlin, a 28.12kg school shark on 2kg line, an incredible effort! The early week weather looks very average and will keep most boats on dry land, but looking forward to the rest of the week and it looks very fishable.

I have got no doubt that we’ll see a few more great captures before the weeks out. The surf fishos have been into some reasonable sharks from the beach this week, Wayne Little and Marcus Benjamin beached some very nice fish down at Piccaninnie, managing three between them in a short couple of hour long session.

There has been a few caught through Canunda National Park that I have heard of too, but guys are keeping their secret spots to themselves, all I know is fresh salmon is the bait of choice. The salmon fishing has been fairly good through there, but it should continue to get better and better.

I have heard of a few fish from the Beachport salmon hole this week and although the numbers are good, the size is still a bit on the small side. Whiting fishos have still been finding some nice fish inside the Port MacDonnell Breakwater this week, the numbers might be slowly thinning out, but if you can manage half a dozen fish in a couple of hours, that’s still pretty good going!

There are still plenty of other species that you’ll run into in there too such as flathead, trevally and salmon trout, so once you get that burley going, you never know what might turn up! Land based anglers have had it a bit tougher this week with the weed moving back into some of our more accessible areas, but that can all change in one big tide.

There have been a few anglers targeting mullet this week, with the fairly big seas in previous weeks, weed on the beach has started to break down, now the bugs and maggots in the weed are falling into the water and fattening up the local mullet.

Everyone has their own theory of the best baits and what not, but with a steady burley trail and either some cut cockle or peeled prawns, you should not struggle to take home a feed. In the same sort of areas you’ll find garfish and tommies, so put a few hours in and I think you’ll be rewarded.

The inland fishing has been going well again this week; I have seen some great redfin pictures from the guys at Rocklands Reservoir. Sounding the fish up the dropping vibes or soft plastics seems to be the best bet this week, but trolling or casting lures would be a close second.

The bait guys have done pretty well using worms from the bank, but there is a lot of carp in there. The Glenelg River was a busy little place over the weekend with the Vic Bream Classic holding one of their qualifying rounds down here. With anglers given the chance to launch at 3 different ramps on the river, they were quite well spread out.

The fishing was hot for some, but not so for others. There were some chunky fish caught right through the river, with the pick of lures being soft plastics. There have also been a handful of mulloway caught this week, some up around that 80cm mark.

They too have been spread out, so just trust your sounder, find the bait and find the fish. The forecast looking forward looks good for the end of the week, but come the weekend everything starts to pick up again.

Hopefully it does not come in as bad as expected, but if not, we’re lucky in the south east to have so many poor weather options.

Until next week, safe fishing!

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