Casting with Coatsy

There has been a lot of changes come into effect over the last week, but that has not slowed the fishing down at all.

The offshore news has been dominated by Bodhi Pannenburg and Jaz Miller’s 122kg tuna caught on 24kg line.

The pair pulled in the big catch after a massive effort which included a short 25 minute fight and then a wrestle at the side of the boat with just the two of them to try and lift it in.

There has been at least one other tuna hooked and then lost later, but once we see the weather start to fine up, we will see plenty more.

The shark fishing has been excellent out in the 60mt to 100mt depths and  anglers are finding shark to 20kg, along with some nice snapper, flathead and other tasty reefies.

The surf guys have been pretty quiet thanks to the weather, but those chasing the salmon are still finding some very nice fish.

The hot spots have been Cape Banks, just under the lighthouse, along the beaches in the Canunda NP and the salmon hole at Beachport.

The size is varying quite a bit, so some sessions will be predominately smaller lumpies, while other trips you will tuck into the bigger jack salmon.

There have been some nice catches of garfish this week.

The protected bays across the Limestone Coast are perfect if there’s a fair bit of wind on.

There’s always going to be somewhere you can get out of the wind, so you might just have to go for a little drive and check out new spots.

There have been good reports from Hutt Bay, Cape Douglas, Pelican Point and Carpenter Rocks, but when the weather  whips up, some of those areas become virtually unfishable.

Mullet and salmon trout in the same areas are keeping fishos occupied, but the once the little tommy ruff move in, some anglers go mad.

There were some nice fish up the river over the weekend.

Ben Jeffrey has been into the bream again this week, catching and releasing good numbers of fish from around the Donovans area.

They are happily eating cranka crabs and motor oil coloured grubs, so with either of those in your arsenal, you should find some good fish.

Gordon Jeffrey has found some cracking perch in the lower reaches again by tying all his own flies.

The mulloway news has been a bit light on this week, as the weather has kept all but the keenest of anglers off the water.

There’s a bit of uncertainty going  around at the moment with pending lockdowns and the like, so hopefully if we all do the right thing, we can get out of jail sooner rather than later.

Until next week, safe fishing.

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