Casting with Coatsy

We are back.

After a long week tucked up at home, we are allowed back onto the water and into the fish.

The offshore scene has nothing to report just yet, the weather has  not allowed anyone a crack at getting out, but I heard from Portland  there are excellent numbers of school tuna about, plus a 120kg barrel.

Plenty of fishos have been chasing the salmon this week, while  the weather has been rough.

Cape Banks is hot and cold, some guys are catching good numbers of smaller fish, some are  catching a handful of larger samples and others have been found  nothing.

A couple of anglers have done  the trip though Canunda NP looking for the bigger fish and it has  also been hit and miss.

The track is very wet, the water holes are bigger than usual, so take it easy if you’re going through there.

The garfishos have had a bit of a  rough time with the weather conditions, but those persisting with the  wind and swell have took home a feed.

 The size is still excellent with those big red beaker winter gars, while mullet numbers are around the same areas are still good and a great alternative.

A few fishos have targeted bream up the river, but now since there has been some dirty water flowing down, the bream are moving off the edges and into the deeper water.

Flicking vibe style lures or heavy weighted plastics are the best ways to target them at the moment and do not be surprised if you also find a perch or mulloway in your travels.

 While we’re speaking mulloway, there were a few nice fish  caught around Reed Bed over the last week, but it seems they have moved down river now.

There has been a heavy police presence on the water this week on the Victorian side, so if you have not got the right paper-work and exemptions to cross the border, stick to our side for now.

The weekend forecast looks to be in the fishes favour at the moment and it will be only the truly dedicated that hit the water, but looking further into next week and things look to be on the improve.

Until next week, safe fishing.

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