Centennial Park sculptures unveiled

New sculptures have recently been erected by the Beachport District Development Association in the lagoon area of Centennial Park. Since the first sculpture workshops in 2013, Beachport residents have had a continuing association with French/Corsican sculptor, Dume Paolini.

During these workshops local artists worked with him to create a number of sculptures which can be seen in and around Beachport. More recently, in 2018, workshops were held with Mr Paolini in which participants created eight collaborative works reflecting the marine and human connections with the sea both in Beachport and Corsica.

Reclaimed jetty timbers, local limestone and driftwood were used in the creation of these artworks. The workshops were made possible with financial assistance from Country Arts SA and the Corsican Regional Council (Collettivita di Corsica).

A BDDA spokesperson said the group was grateful for the support of Wattle Range Council, in providing it with space in which to work and the transport and installation of the sculptures in the park.

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