City students help spread joy

City students help spread joy

Aclass from a local primary school spread the joy this festive season with random acts of kindness.

Mrs McCracken’s Year 3/4 class from McDonald Park Primary School visited the Mount Gambier Marketplace last week for a ‘Good Deeds Day’.

Students filled up a shelf in the Big W Community Book Exchange with children’s books they donated, purchased gifts from Big W with money raised for the Giving Tree, handed out homemade Christmas cards and performed carols in the food court.

The students’ raised $115 to buy the Big W Giving Tree gifts by selling bunches of posies picked from the school garden to members of the school community.

Charlotte was one of the 24 students from Mrs McCracken’s class to take part in the Good Deeds Day.

“We donated some books for kids to read at the Big W Community Book Exchange,” she said.

“You can make someone’s day with a random act of kindness.

“We are also doing it so people can do it too to make someone’s day.

“It feels like we’re helping the community feel better around the place.”

The class has taken part in good deeds days throughout the school term which have included leaving flowers at community member’s doors, delivering postcards with recipes on the back and a fundraiser for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital which raised over $830.

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