Community helps its own

Millicent Shares a Plate is a community organisation which is currently busier than ever as the cost of living rises.

The organisation was inspired by Millicent business owner New Heaven’s Sukhcahin Dhaliwal who first decided to donate meals last year.

Mr Dhaliwal cooks around 60 meals every Monday to stock the Millicent IGA for those in need, but could not keep up with demand.

Millicent Shares a Plate volunteer Emma Clay said after noticing the meals were all being taken, a few locals got together and decided to offer another meal option each week.

Community members attended a presentation hosted by the Social Issues Network on the success of the Sunset Community Kitchen in addressing the food security issue in the region and decided to do something similar.

Millicent Shares a Plate was born soon after in October last year, producing 20-30 meals which has now increased to 60 meals each week.

Mrs Clay said they had been holding steady at 30-40 meals for some time

but in the last month demand had jumped.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us and given us donations because we would not have been able to do it otherwise,” she said.

Mrs Clay said the organisation’s “hope and dream” was to convert the meals into a sit-down dinner.

The group is appealing for a venue in Millicent for their sit-down meal and can be contacted through their Facebook page.

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