Competitive end to Concordes White season

Competitive end to Concordes White season

Demons 9 DW Concordes White 9

At the top of the first Sofie Morale flied out to Maddie “Mad Dog” Bowd at leftfield.

Em Hart was unconventionally dropped on a third strike by catcher Sam Brown who recovered to throw her out at one.

Cody Manning had a safe hit to right field and was scored by Kezia Feast with a safe hit to leftfield.

Meg Merrett’s double to centrefield scored Feast.

Simone Little continued the batting spree scoring Merrett before Alli Kreplins came back with a strike out to Kaesea Jackson to end the innings with Demons scoring three runs.

Lead off for Concordes White Karly Pearson flied out to third base in a one pitch one out play, followed by two base on balls to Brown and Kreplins.

Manning came back strongly on the mound to strike out Aleesha Tucker and Kate Altschwager end the innings holding Concordes to nil for the innings.

To start the second innings, Demons continued their strong batting with Steph Chant having a safe hit to leftfield which then brought top of the line up Morale who had a top shot to leftfield.

Hart flied out to shortstop and Manning had a hard drive to centrefield adding to her RBI tally scoring both Chant and Morale.

A long throw from White’s Tucker at third had Feast caught short at first for the second out and a hard line drive back to the pitcher Kreplins who played first and ended the innings for Demons, with Demons being held to two runs for the innings and holding a five run lead.

However, Concordes were not going to give up easily and the bottom of the second was their time to shine.

Kylie Cook slammed a two-base hit through centrefield and stole on a pass ball.

Mad Dog Bowd’s safe hit to the spot of the day leftfield had her safely on first.

Chloe O’Connor picked a walk to load the bases and Lynley Pollard’s walk scored Cook for Concordes’ first run.

Pearson hit safely to centrefield gathering two RBI’s scoring O’Connor and Pollard.

Brown flied out to shortstop for the first out.

Kreplins picked a walk to load up the bases and Tucker’s solid shot to centrefield scored Pearson.

Altschwager advanced to one after being hit by a pitched ball which brought Cook back to the batter’s box who again had a safe hit to leftfield scoring Kreplins and Tucker.

Bowd flied out to pitcher Manning, O’Connor picked her second walk for the game and Pollard’s safe hit to you guessed it leftfield scored Altschwager and Cook.

Pearson was struck out for the third out but not before Concordes had scored an exceptional eight runs for the innings.

Chasing a three-run deficit Little had a crisp shot to centrefield.

Billie Jones then forced an error from third base.

Jackson flied out to Kreplins for the first out as did Chant.

Morale then hit to centrefield, scoring Little.

With Em Hart up to bat catcher Brown made a ripping throw to three to pick off the runner and third base Cook finished off the play with a brilliant tag to see Jones caught short ending the innings for Demons with only one additional run added to the Demons’ tally.

Concordes needed to add to their runs tally, but unfortunately Brown flied out to second for the first out while Kreplins picked a walk and Tucker was struck out.

Kreplins used her speed and initiative and stole bases, ending up at three and Amber “the butt wiggler” Smith hit safely to second to score Kreplins.

Cook picked a walk and Bowd flied out to third putting Concordes up 9-6.

In the final innings of the game Hart forced an error to make first base and Manning’s huge home run scored two.

Pitcher Kreplins came back on the mound to ensure an out was made with Pearson making the play at one for the first out.

Merrett’s solid shot to centrefield had her safely at one.

After a series of quick outs, Concordes had the opportunity to win the game and O’Connor led the way with a hard hit to leftfield.

Smaling flied out to pitcher Manning for the first out and Pearson flied out to leftfield.

Brown then singled to centrefield to advance O’Connor but Kreplins hit the ball back to the pitcher for an easy out to end the game with the final score nine all.

It was a fantastic effort for the fifth team of the competition to hold the top team in the competition.

It was a really enjoyable game for all who played and a great way to end the season for Concordes White.

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