Concordes United fires warning shot to league leaders

Concordes United fires warning shot to league leaders

Concordes United 10 d Wanderers 4

The 3pm game saw third spot Wanderers take on fourth placed Concordes United.

The last two times these teams have faced each other Wanderers has come away with the win but after a big win last week United was hungry for another.

Lead of batter Codie Jackway for United started the ball rolling with a walk to first.

Next up to bat Dianne Wilson was very eager to hit the ball but with a drop third strike and her team yelling to run she saw herself safe on first.

United put the pressure on early which resulted in a few wild throws and allowed Jackway and Wilson to move around the bases swiftly.

With the pressure on, Jackway stole home on a sneaky passed ball and Leonie McCallum with a single to short stop scored Wilson and Thomson.

Wanderers pitcher Leanne Little worked hard at the mound with a KC and a single hit straight back to her, ending the innings.

The first at bat for Wanderers was a quick one, Dana Jones for United on the mound pitched only eight pitches for the first innings backed up by her team.

A line drive from Wanderers’ Salem Moody to short stop with a catch to Allana Feast with the first out, newbie this season Harmony Kennett took a massive catch at rightfield giving them the second out and a beautiful K2 to Jones to move into the second.

Back to the top of the line up for United it was like deja vu, Jackway with another walk to start and Wilson with a drop third strike, but this time Wanderers catcher Abbie Lovekin was not letting her get safe with a throw to first to get the first out.

Jones with a safe to shortstop allowed Jackway to score and a double to leftfield from Feast scored Jones.

Wanderers worked hard in the field with another catch from Fiona Fitch at leftfield ending the innings.

Innings three was were quick and tight for both teams, Leanne Little hit a safe to left to get herself on but was left on base as United fought back to get the outs needed.

Wanderers was fighting hard in the field and pitcher Rej Smith securing all three outs.

Going into the fourth Jones registered a safe hit and Thomson with a double to rightfield scored Jones, adding another run to the board.

Two quick outs for Wanderers looked like they were ending the innings for United but it was not before a quick safe hit to Rebecca White that allowed Thomson to score ending the innings 7-0.

The next at bat is where Wanderers came alive, a safe hit to LCF and some quick base running saw her move around the diamond quickly.

United started to show some errors in the field and this allowed Wanderers to use it to advantage.

Rej Smith with a hit to left scored LCF and gave Wanderers their first run.

A safe hit from Charli Kaigg got herself to first and a wild throw allowed Smith to score.

Abbie Lovekin next up had a nice safe hit to short stop where Feast for United fielded the ball and playing the out at third to get the first out for United.

A walk to Jess Ghezzi to get another base runner and Little with her second safe hit allowed Lovekin to score.

Jones had a K2 for the second out and a high hit to LCF was caught by catcher Codie Jackway, ending their innings with four runs.

United refused to allow the innings to affect the team, putting the pressure back on Wanderers.

This allowed a few errors which saw Wilson get on base, Jones with a ground to LCF at short and playing second for an out leaving Jones on first.

Thomson wasted no time with her bat, smacking her second pitch to short and with some quick running she got to first and pushed Jones to third.

A second safe hit to Feast scored Jones and Thomson got to third.

McCallum was next up, putting the pressure on got herself on with an error and was able to score Thomson.

White hit a blinder to centre, scoring Feast but with some quick fielding choices Wanderers made the next few outs quickly.

Going into the last at bat for Wanderers they knew they needed to get on but United fought hard to make them work for it.

An error to United saw Smith land on first, some quick base running she got to second.

A strike out to Jones got the first out and a quick at bat from Tracey Anderson saw Jones with the second out.

Smith worked hard on base and tried to steal to third on a misfield behind the plate by Jackway but she was able to find the ball quickly and throw the out at third, ending the game 10-4.

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