Contenders separate themselves from pack

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Contenders separate themselves from pack

Round 12 of the Mount Gambier and Districts Tennis Association saw lots of exciting and competitive matches being played throughout the division on Saturday.

Heading into finals Division 1 Uniting continue to hold their ladder position with West and Reidy continuing to hold their positions in the top four.

Glencoe remains out of the top four, trailing Mount Gambier by only a few points as the season gets shorter.

Division 1

Mount Gambier vs Reidy Park

In the men’s top doubles Reidy’s Zayne Young and Dane Heemskerk took on Mount Gambier’s Will Cameron and Will Le Cornu.

Young and Heemskerk took command in the first set, not letting the Wills get a lead and taking the first set 6-1.Reidy kept the momentum going into the second set, coming away with the set 6-2 and the overall match.

In the bottom men’s doubles a marathon of a match was played between Reidy’s Ben Gaffney and Harrison Ellis and Mount Gambier’s Hayden Hancock and Tyler Hannigan.

Hancock and Hannigan got an early lead in the match, taking the first set 6-3.

Gaffney and Ellis bounced back and came away with the second set in a narrow margined 7-5 victory.

In the super tiebreaker Hancock and Hannigan got back to their first set form and came away with the match with a 10-6 win in the tiebreaker.

In the ladies doubles Reidy’s Bailey Young and Madison Kelly faced Mount Gambier’s Alita Huyser and Giaan Ferguson.

Young and Kelly were too much to handle for Huyser and Ferguson as the Reidy pair was victorious 6-0.

In the next ladies doubles Reidy’s Bailey Young and Maggie Collins competed against Mount Gambier’s Alita Huyser and Shae Delaney.

The Gambier duo put up a good fight against Young and Collins but they were too good on the day, getting Reidy the set with a close 6-4 win.

Madison Kelly and Maggie Collins played Giaan Ferguson and Shae Delaney in the bottom doubles match.

Kelly and Collins started well which made it hard for Ferguson and Delaney to build any momentum.

The Gambier ladies won two games but that was not enough as Kelly and Collins defeated them 6-2.

In the men’s singles Zayne Young faced Will Cameron.

Cameron fought hard in the match but Young was too much for him, winning 6-2.

Dane Heemskerk took on Will Le Cornu in their singles match.

Heemskerk was too strong for Le Cornu, coming away with the set in an easy 6-1 victory.

Hayden Hancock played Ben Gaffney in their battle for the set in their singles match.

Hancock got the better of Gaffney in the match, taking him down 6-2.

Harrison Ellis and Tyler Hannigan had a close battle in their singles match.

Both players fought hard but Ellis came away with the set in the end, defeating Hannigan in a close 6-4 victory.

Bailey Young and Alita Huyser’s singles match came down to the wire.

Both players could not separate from one another with the match decided in a tiebreaker.

In the tiebreaker Young was too strong for Huyser as she claimed the set in the tiebreaker.

Madison Kelly came away with a hard fought win over Giaan Ferguson in their singles match.

Kelly and Ferguson both fought hard during the match but Kelly proved to be stronger as she took the set with a 6-3 victory.

Reidy’s Sarah Brown faced Shae Delaney in her singles match.

Brown came out firing and did not look back as she claimed the set in a dominant 6-0 victory.

Reidy came away with the win over Mount Gambier – 10-2.

After another low scoring day for Mount Gambier, the pressure is on for them to remain in the top four come finals.

Mount Schank vs Uniting Tennis

The men’s top doubles saw Mount Schank’s Will Boston and Brenden McInnes taking on Uniting’s Andrew van den Hurk and Kobe Cole.

In the first set van den Hurk and Cole were able to get off to a fast start as they took the set 6-1.

In the second set Boston and McInnes showed a bit of fight, however van den Hurk and Cole were too good for the Mount Schank pair as they took the set 6-2 and the match.

In the men’s bottom doubles Mount Schank’s Alex Laube and John Ralston came up against Uniting’s Jace Maxwell and Daniel Moon.

The first set was competitive with both sides making chances for themselves to win.

Maxwell and Moon proved to be too good as they took the set 6-3.

The second set was similar with both sides picking up games but once again Uniting was the better team and came out on top 6-2.

Mount Schank’s Bella Laube and Lucy Savage played Uniting’s Tessa Megaw and Alison Telford in the ladies doubles.

Laube and Savage put up a good fight but were no match for Megaw and Telford as they took over the game and won 6-1.

In the next ladies doubles Mount Schank’s Bella Laube and fill-in Vanessa Maxwell faced Uniting’s Tessa Megaw and Jade Delaney.

Megaw and Delaney started off hot and made it hard for Laube and Maxwell to catch up.

Megaw and Delaney took out the match 6-1.

In the last ladies doubles Lucy Savage and Vanessa Maxwell took the court against Alison Telford and Jade Delaney.

Telford and Delaney kept the match competitive but Savage and Maxwell came out on top with a 6-4 win.

In the men’s singles Will Boston and Andrew van den Hurk faced off against each other.

Van den Hurk was far too strong for Boston, defeating him 6-0.

Brenden McInnes and Jace Maxwell had a highly competitive match in their singles.

Both traded games throughout the match but Maxwell edged out the win over McInnes as he claimed an intense 7-5 victory.

Alex Laube and Kobe Cole competed against each other in their singles.

Cole started strong and gave Laube a hard challenge to come back.

Cole’s hot start was too much for Laube as Cole took the set 6-0.

In the bottom men’s singles Daniel Moon took on John Ralston.

Ralston started slow in the match which Moon capitalised on.

Moon took the set for Uniting with a 6-1 win.

In the number 1 ladies singles Bella Laube faced Tessa Megaw in their singles clash.

Laube was able to get a couple games off Megaw but that was not enough as Megaw claimed the victory 6-2.

Lucy Savage had a tough match against Alison Telford in their singles.

Savage was no match for Telford as the Uniting number 2 came away with the win 6-0.

Fill-in Vanessa Maxwell faced her teammate Jade Delaney in their singles match up.

The competitive match saw Delaney get two games off Maxwell in her defeat with Maxwell coming out on top 6-2.

Uniting defeated Mount Schank 10-2. This win keeps Uniting in the driver’s seat in Div 1 as they sit firmly at the top of the ladder.

West Gambier vs Glencoe

In the men’s top doubles West Gambier’s George White and Brady Cook played a marathon three set match against Glencoe’s Patrick Mitchell and Tim Biggins.

In the first set the Glencoe pair got off to a fast start taking the set 6-4.

The second set was an arm wrestle between the two duos with neither team being able to separate from one another.

The set went into a tiebreaker with White and Cook levelling the score in the tiebreak.

The final set being a super tiebreaker to 10 saw White and Cook winning the game as they took down Mitchell and Biggins 10-6 in the super tiebreaker and sealed the match for West.

The bottom men’s double saw more excitement as West Gambier’s Toby Stutley and Peyton Robinson took on Glencoe’s Hamish Gordon and Will Maloney.

In the first set both pairs found it hard to get a lead as the set went into a tiebreaker.

However, Stutley and Robinson took charge of the match as they won the first set tiebreaker.

The two teams felt deja vu in the second set as it went to yet another tiebreaker.

The West duo proved to be too strong in the tiebreaker as they secured the set and the match.

Glencoe’s Sarah and Laura Edwards took the court against West Gambier’s Jess Stutley and Emily Jolley in the ladies doubles.

In this thrilling close match the Glencoe sisters were too good for Stutley and Jolley, defeating them 6-4 and securing Glencoe the set.

In the second ladies doubles match Glencoe’s Laura Edwards and Alice Tentye squared off against West’s Jess Stutley and Ella Jolley.

Edwards and Tentye were not strong enough against Stutley and Jolley as the West ladies won 6-1.

In the last ladies doubles, West’s Emily and Ella Jolley faced Glencoe’s Abbie Cocks and Alice Tentye in another close match.

In the tightly contested match the Jolley sisters came home with the set as they took down Cocks and Tentye 6-4.

In the men’s singles West’s George White took on Glencoe’s Patrick Mitchell.

Mitchell was too strong for White as he controlled the match to secure the set 6-2.

West Gambier’s Brady Cook played Glencoe’s Tim Biggins in the singles.

Cook came out firing with Biggins unable to keep up.

Cook took the match with a convincing 6-1 win.

West Gambier’s Toby Stutley finished the day with a win over Glencoe’s Hamish Gordon in their singles.

Stutley got West the set with a good win over Gordon, taking him down 6-2.

Glencoe’s Will Maloney joined Mitchell with a singles win as he defeated West Gambier’s Peyton Robinson.

The match was fairly close but Maloney proved the better player on the day, winning 6-3.

West’s Jess Stutley and Glencoe’s Sarah Edwards had an exciting match in the singles.

Stutley and Edwards were neck and neck until they entered a tiebreaker.

Stutley came away with the win in the thrilling match.

Emily Jolley got the set for West as she defeated Laura Edwards in a hard fought match.

Edwards took a few games off Jolley but she was too strong, winning 6-3.

Ella Jolley finished on a high as she took care of Abbie Cocks in an impressive win.

Jolley won the game with ease, taking down Cocks 6-1 to get the set for West.

West Gambier defeated Glencoe 9-3.

This defeat makes it hard for Glencoe to break into the top four with only three rounds left to overtake Mount Gambier.

After round 12 Uniting remains first with 174 points with West second on 140.

Reidy is third on 120 points with Mount Gambier staying in the top four with 84. Close behind them are Glencoe on 80 points and Mount Schank stay bottom of the ladder with 11.

Division 2

In division 2 Suttontown/Glencoe faced West Gambier Blue on Saturday.

Suttontown/Glencoe came out on top with an 8-4 win.

Mount Schank/Mount Gambier took on West Gambier Red with Mount Schank/Mount Gambier getting the narrow win 7-5.

Mil Lel/Reidy had the bye.

West Blue lead the division on 139 points with Suttontown/Glencoe right behind them on 138.

West Red isthird on 121 points with Mil Lel/Reidy in fourth on 101.5.

Mount Schank/Mount Gambier sits bottom on 79 points.

Division 3

In Division 3 Mount Gambier played Unitingw/Glencoe with Mount Gambier winning in a thrilling 7-5 victory.

Glencoe faced Suttontown and came out on top with a 9-3 win.

Mil Lel played Moorak with Mil Lel getting the win 8-4.

Centrals had the bye.

After round 12 Mount Gambier remains on top with 143.3 points.

Glencoe now moves into second with 116.6 and Centrals drop to third with 116.3.

Uniting/Glencoe slipped to fourth with 107 points with Mil Lel moving up to fifth on 96.6.

Suttontown falls to sixth on 89.9 points and Moorak stays seventh on 78.6.

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