Concordes ‘White-hot’ on field

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Concordes ‘White-hot’ on field

Flight of the Concordes: Concordes White 14 d Concordes United 2

In the battle of the Concordes teams, Concordes White came out swinging in the top of the first.

Karly Pearson led off with a crisp single to centerfield and Sam Brown advanced the runner bringing Alli Kreplins to the plate who picked a walk to load the bases.

A flat shot to centerfield by Maddi (Mad Dog) Bowd scored the first two runs of the game.

Bowd then scored on a forced error as did Alana Steicke.

It was an innings for hits to centerfield with Nat Janz also hitting the mark, but she was left on base as the next two batters were retired by good defensive play from United.

With Pearson on the mound for White, Rosie Clarke had a sweet safe hit to centerfield.

Julie Beck had a careful eye in the batting box and took a walk and Sarah Thomson had a safe hit to second, but Tucker took advantage of this and made the play at two for the out.

Codie Jackway came up to bat and began to build her batter’s count which totalled seven foul tips, eventually scoring a walk while both Thomson and Beck advanced the bases on wild pitches with Beck scoring the first run for United.

Both Allana Feast and Leonie McCallum flied out to end the innings for United.

The top of the second again saw Pearson single to centerfield, Brown picked a walk and Kreplins had a line drive to rightfield loading the bases.

Tucker had a solid hit to centerfield and a ripping throw from Thomson caught Sam Brown short at third base for the first out, but not before Pearson scored for White.

With Kreplins and Tucker on base, ‘Mad Dog’ Bowd hit yet another line drive this time to leftfield to load the bases.

Steicke’s fly ball dropped in to score Kreplins.

Janz had luck on her side getting on base as well as scoring Tucker and Bowd came home on the throw.

Kate Altschwager picked up a walk and Mel Smaling got on base from an infield hit, but Janz was put out by Beck at shortstop.

Pearson and Brown returned to the batting box and continued their form with Brown scoring Altschwager before Kreplins flied to centerfield, ending the innings with a further six runs added.

White’s infield made short work of the United batters in the bottom of the second with Tylar Kennett being thrown out by Tucker at shortstop.

Dianne Wilson flied out and again Tucker had the play, however, she needed two attempts to control the ball for the out.

Clarke then flied out to the safe hands of Kreplins at first.

After working hard on the pitcher’s mound for the first two innings, Allana Feast was replaced by sister Dana in the third.

Tucker continued her strong batting with a ripping shot to leftfield that saw short stop Beck get some severe airtime in pursuit of the catch.

Bowd picked up her third hit of the game to leftfield and Steicke secured a walk.

Linley Pollard’s solid hit to leftfield scored both Tucker and Bowd.

Altschwager was caught out in foul territory by third base McCallum and Smaling fouled out to first base Kennett.

Steicke was put out on the play at second by Beck to end the innings, with White adding a further two runs to their tally.

In the final innings of the game with Pearson tiring on the mound, Feast picked a walk, McCallum hit into a play at shortstop and Tucker made the play at two for the first out.

Kennett flied to second base for the second out, while Wilson kept the pressure on with a beautifully placed hit to leftfield.

Clarke scored McCallum on a line drive to leftfield and Beck picked a walk.

Kreplins took to the mound to replace Pearson and Thomson flied the ball to Kreplins to end the game, giving Concordes White a season boosting win.

Demons 11 d Wanderers 9

Wanderers and Demons met on Saturday for the last time before Mount Gambier Softball League finals.

Demons went into the game holding the first two wins against the team and looking to get their third, while Wanderers were hoping to secure their spot at third on the ladder or push for second.

The first innings saw both teams start on a level playing field.

Runs were scored from Wanderers’ mother and daughter duo Fiona Finch and LCF and Demons girls Sofie Morale and Em Hart saw the bottom of the first in a two-all tie.

The top of the second saw Wanderers loading up with full bases, and a centre field drive from Tracey Anderson saw three runners score with a total of six runs for the innings.

They backed up their bat with strong defensive field and held Demons at bay with their two runs.

There was not a lot of action in the third from either team and only one run home scored from Demons’ Sarah McInerney.

Wanderers were eager to hold their lead and managed to do just that with young gun LCF getting three of her teammates home with a triple bagger to centre field.

Demons were feeling the heat and were not getting much luck, popping balls up for Wanderers’ defensive players for some easy outs.

Entering the last innings things were tense for all, with the game make or break.

Demons were hoping for a miracle and Wanderers wanted to seal the deal on their six run lead.

Wanderers went up to bat for the last time and the Demons defence held strong with a caught fly ball to McInerney at second, Little at left and a K2 from pitcher Billie Jones with no Wanderers runs scored.

Demons needed six runs for the tie and seven for the win and they were itching to deliver some Demons batting that had not yet been seen throughout the game.

First batter was up and then and then they came alive.

Four safe hits in a row from McInerney, Merrett, Feast and Jones started the batting frenzy and Demons were on their way and on the board.

A field from LCF at SS saw Demons’ second out at first.

With two out and five runs scored, Demons were looking for another run to tie the game.

Little and Morale stepped up to the plate and landed on bases, followed by Hart getting walked to first.

Demons had loaded bases with their winning run standing on base.

Newly wedded McInerney stepped up to the plate, knowing her job was to get runners home, and that she did.

With a slogged ball to right field, her bat scored Demons another three runs for Demons to take away the win after an eight run comeback and securing their spot at the top of the ladder.

Warriors 11 d Bandits 9

Bandits were certainly revved up after a stellar victory last week coupled with this week, playing against their favourite opposition in Warriors.

Bandits bats were hot all day, led off by Teegan Galpin who swung the bat hard, being the first run for her team to cross the plate but there were many more to come.

Tilly Dohnt legged out an infield single, the ominous Maddie Redman was walked, then Lucy Galpin put the ball into play for an RBI.

Keen to get in on her team’s action, Chantel Macdonald singled to right for an RBI then scored when Dana Jones safely hit to Dodsy Dodds at left, Jones appreciating the call up to fill in for Bandits.

Emma Williams also chimed in with a safe hit for Bandits and they returned to their dug out with four runs to their name before hitting the field.

Macdonald started with razzle dazzle, striking out the first Warriors hitter.

Jarvo Queale singled to Dohnt patrolling the left side of the outfield, “Dennis” (Denuto) Polderman sent a rocket out to Lucy Galpin who made a fabulous catch in centre-right.

The Smiling Assassin Melissa Chuck singled to right and Jarvo showed the crowd her jets, speeding around to third but unfortunately for Warriors, they were kept scoreless by Bandits’ flawless defence.

Warriors cranky pitcher Leyna Bruggemann was very impressed by the swings the Bandits players were having, also rapt with a three up three down innings, Lucy Galpin absolutely crushing a pitch back at the veteran but the out was made.

Warriors chimed in with five runs, Queale on via error scored again by a Chuck single, Dennis blooped one to Jones, Saintly Jasmine Disselbach bravely wore a pitch in the leg, later pleased with the resulting diverse colouring.

Dodds singled, Teresa Hatch walked then Bruggemann wasted no time, hitting a double scoring two before Lindner hit to short and Warriors snuck two runs in on that play.

Bandits put the foot down in the third, taking advantage of the uncharacteristic inaccuracy of Bruggemann early.

Natalie Whitehead swung with genuine conviction, as did Williams, forcing a couple of clangers in the Warriors field before Jarvo used her glove and her smarts, putting out two lead runners.

Dohnt had another single that scored Jones before Redman strode up to the plate.

With a 1-2 count, Redman drilled an in the park homerun to right, her third homerun in two games.

Lucy Galpin singled then Bruggemann put a stop to the Bandits run-fest, throwing out Macdonald and the score at 9-5.

Warriors subsequently put four on the board, primarily through patient at bats, although Dennis attempting to bunt a half volley certainly raised eyebrows around BLSP.

Bandits had two base runners via another Jones and Teegan Galpin hit but were extinguished by the Warriors defence, Jarvo and Bruggemann making the three outs between themselves.

This set the scene for Warriors’ come from behind win as Dodsy accidentally copped one to the top of the scone, composed herself to steal then scored on a Hatch beauty, a homer to Dohnt.

It was game, set and match in glorious warm conditions with Warriors winning 11-9 to consolidate second spot.

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