COVID throws up challenges

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The construction of the Coonawarra Rail Trail continues to progress despite some disruptions due to COVID-19.

Wattle Range Council Chief Executive Officer Ben Gower said the project was set back by a week or two due to a number of contractors going into isolation with COVID, however progress was continuing well.

Mr Gower said council decided at its last meeting to redivert the trail to the Penola Hundred Line Road at the top of the council boundary at the top of the railway line, rather than cutting through a road reserve to Father Woods Park.

The original plan for the trail to continue through to Father Woods Park was changed due to some challenges with crossing the highway safely at that point.

“The Catholic Church has been advised of those changes, so there will not be any works occurring in Father Woods Park anymore and the contractors are progressing, they’re moving on at normal pace again,” Mr Gower said.

Mr Gower said some elements of the project would continue to be developed after the official opening of the trail, such as toilet blocks and signage.

“All of those bits and pieces will still be ongoing, but what we want to do is get people walking the trail as soon as we can,” Mr Gower said.

“It’s going to be good fun once it opens up.”

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