Fashion week fun for city duo

Two talented Mount Gambier hairdressers have taken off to Sydney to take part in the annual Australian Fashion Week.

Hue Colour owner Molly Stratford and senior stylist Kim McKinnon flew out this morning and they will be straight into the action, with their first show taking place this afternoon.

This is the first fashion week experience for Ms Stratford and Ms McKinnon and they both said they were very excited but nervous for the major event.

“I have not had this opportunity before and I have been hairdressing for about 12 to 13 years, so it’s very exciting,” Ms McKinnon said.

“It’s a massive opportunity for Hue Colour, but also Mount Gambier too, for hairstylists to be recognised.

“I think it’s just nice to have recognition from such a small town.”

Ms McKinnon said growing up she was a tomboy at heart and not a girly girl, but she fell in love with art at school and wanted to follow a creative career path.

“I have always had a passion for styling, that’s my thing, I love weddings, those special events,” she said.

“Up styling and blow drying I love, so this is very exciting, but also very scary.

“I think it’s an art form, I do not know if people see it as an art form, but it definitely is and I love being creative but I also love the pressure of doing a bridal party.”

Ms Stratford said this was a great opportunity for both herself and Ms McKinnon which would give them a chance to connect with other leaders in the industry.

“Especially being from a small country town and being asked to go is such an amazing opportunity that we could not pass up,” she said.

“The training and the experience of being involved in something like that and especially in Sydney, it’s such a cool opportunity we’re excited to be a part of.”

Ms Stratford opened the doors to Hue Colour three years ago and is equipped with 14 years of hairdressing experience since leaving school early to follow her passion.

“I just loved talking to people and being a part of improving someone’s day, so that’s definitely still my favourite thing about the industry and what I love about it,” she said.

“Every day is different, I get to connect with people and just help improve their day and just be a positive influence, I guess, in a small way.

“It also allows me to be creative and I guess having a salon and being able to instil opportunities in other staff members and help them grow and progress with their career is something I love about my job as well.”

Ms Stratford said hairdressing had given her many amazing career opportunities and it was something she would encourage other young people to consider.

“It’s not just a substandard, nine to five kind of job, there’s lots of different avenues in it,” she said.

“I would encourage more young people to come and have a chat to us and see what kind of career opportunities are available and to contact their local TAFE as well.”

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