Growers prepare for future

Growers prepare for future

Preparing wine grape growers for future droughts – and climate change impacts – will be the focus of the upcoming GrowStrong program, to be delivered in the Riverland and Limestone Coast wine regions.

The GrowStrong fundamentals training is jointly funded by the Federal Government’s Future Drought Fund and the South Australian Government and delivered by the Wine Grape Council of South Australia (WGCSA) – giving wine grape farmers learning and development opportunities in strategic business management, farm risk management and decision making, natural resource management, and personal and social resilience.

Support is also provided to develop or update a farm business plan.

In addition to the support for wine grape growers, training in the livestock, grains, dairy and vegetable sectors is being delivered to help eligible farmers, farm managers and employees prepare for future climate risks as part of the Farm Business Resilience Program.

For details visit the PIRSA website, and for more information on the GrowStrong program, visit the WGCSA website.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Clare Scriven said while farmers managed uncertainty and complexity every day, the business of farming was becoming more challenging as farmers face significant climate risk, including future droughts.

“This is why it is best to be as prepared as possible, and the GrowStrong program aims to give wine grape growers the tools necessary to manage these risks,” she said.

“We know the Riverland and Limestone Coast wine regions have been hard-hit in recent years and this program is another support available to them to help prepare for the future.

“Our climate is changing – and now is the time to do what we can to be ready.

“That is why we are partnering with industry through the Farm Business Resilience Program to make this training available to help South Australian farmers make better business decisions when preparing, facing, and recovering from drought and adverse events into the future.”

Wine Grape Council of South Australia chief executive Lisa Bennier said the council appreciated the support from the governments.

“This has allowed us to engage industry expertise in developing the GrowStrong program for South Australian grape growers,” she said.

“Feedback from our Langhorne Creek participants was incredibly positive, I’m confident any grape growers who join us in the Riverland or Limestone Coast will genuinely enjoy the program content, shared experiences, expert presenters, and connections made.

“Both the Growstrong Business Fundamentals and Viti Fundamentals programs have been designed through the lens of Grape Growing to ensure they align strongly with our industry, our family businesses, and our regions.

“Having the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), The University of Adelaide and Rural Business Support (RBS) help design and now deliver the GrowStrong programs in three South Australian Wine Grape regions is an amazing opportunity for up to two people per ABN.”

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