Inter overcomes Apollo onslaught

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Inter overcomes Apollo onslaught

Senior men’s

International v Apollo

International rallied back from a two goal deficit to steal the win from Apollo at Casadio Park on Sunday.

Apollo stunned Inter early with a goal from Billy Pearce, before striking again, this time through Ronald Bati.

Inter had dug themselves a hole as they found themselves down by two goals in the first 12 minutes of the game.

For the rest of the half both sides shared time with the ball, with Inter pushing the tempo as they worked hard to get back into the game, while Apollo did well to hold off the opposition’s relentless attack until half time.

Inter responded well in the second half as Samuel Bueti got Inter on the board early in the half.

Right after Bueti’s goal another Bueti scored to equalise the game, and this time it was Matthew who found the back of the net.

The quick-fire scoring lifted the intensity of the match lifted as it was now anyone’s game to win.

Inter broke the deadlock halfway through the second half with another goal from Matt Bueti.

With the game now in Inter’s hands they made some late substitutions in the hope to hold off Apollo from making a late charge to take points off the home team.

However Apollo could not find a late goal to equalise, with the black and blue taking the game 3-2.

With another Inter win the side now improves its record to 4-1.

International defeated Apollo 3-2.

Blue Lake v Naracoorte United

Naracoorte United headed to Malseed Park on Sunday with Blue Lake coming away with a huge win.

Blue Lake’s Shar Nay Than started strong as he scored two early goals to give the Rangers a solid lead and soon after Blue Lake struck again, this time coming from Lay Bae Htoo.

Blue Lake again launched iitself into attack as they scored another goal with Gay Nay Say Ler finding the back of the net.

The bad luck continued for Naracoorte as Ali Akbar Qalandari scored an own goal to add to Blue Lake’s goal tally.

Than scored another goal soon after to seal his hattrick and make it 6-0 to the Rangers, before Blue Lake added to their lead with another two late goals from Than and Shar Ku Htoo.

At halftime Blue Lake held an eight goal lead.

Naracoorte fought hard early in the second half as they looked to slow down the imposing Blue Lake.

However the home side could not find an answer for Than as he kicked another four goals at the top of the second half.

In the back end of the half Blue Lake finished strong as Than scored yet another four goals to cap off a great game.

Naracoorte ended on a high as they scored a late consolation goal to get on the scoreboard, with Qalandari making up for his earlier mistake.

Shar Nay Than had a monster game for Blue Lake, scoring 12 goals.

Blue Lake defeated Naracoorte United 16-1.

TOUGH DEFEAT: Naracoorte travelled to Blue Lake Sports Park on Sunday and fell to Blue Lake 3-0.

Senior Women’s

Millicent United v Gambier Centrals

Gambier Centrals headed to Millicent on Saturday but came home empty handed, falling to United who picked up another solid win.

Right off the bat Millicent got off to a great start, scoring two minutes in from a Lana Shepherd goal.

Centrals reset and did well to contain United after their fast start.

Millicent rallied to break down Centrals’ defence as they scored again near the end of the first half through Sarah Thomson.

With the half-time break near Centrals collapsed again as United’s Leonie McCallum scored right at the end of the half, with Millicent holding a three goal lead at the break.

In the second half Centrals did a much better job defensively slowing down Millicent.

Centrals’ defence held up for the first 20 minutes before Phoebe Rose scored another goal for Millicent.

The match became a deadlock on the pitch, with neither side able to score for the remainder of play, leaving Millicent to take the points with a 4-0 win.

Millicent United defeated Gambier Centrals 4-0.

Blue Lake v Naracoorte United

Naracoorte headed to Blue Lake Sports Park on Sunday with the Rangers coming away with a well needed win.

Both sides started slowly with neither scoring early in the game.

However, after several opportunities Blue Lake opened the game up midway through the first half with a Chelsea Frost goal.

The scoring dried up for the remainder of the period and Blue Lake headed into the break with a one goal lead.

For a majority of the second half both sides battled hard but could not get the ball in the back of the net.

That changed late in the half after Blue Lake’s Pip Crewe scored to give the Rangers a two goal lead, before Blue Lake struck again and Frost scored her second goal of the game.

Naracoorte struggled to come up with a late goal however Blue Lake came away with the win.

Blue Lake defeated Naracoorte United 3-0.

International v Apollo

Apollo headed to Casadio Park on Sunday to take on Inter with Apollo continuing their winning streak.

Apollo started strong with three early goals from Alix Lescure, Demi Ingley and Deni Atkin.

Inter was able to score one of their own as Therese Pajanga scored midway through the half, before Apollo responded with goals from Atkin and Lescure.

At half time Apollo led the game 5-1.

After the break Apollo struck again early as Rylee Kuchel got one goal on the board, but Inter responded through Leonie Robertson.

Late in the game Apollo capped off their great performance with a goal from Isobelle Fewster and a hat-trick goal from Lescure.

Apollo defeated International 8-2.

Apollo’s senior men’s coach James Stephenson assisted the women’s coach Paul Prentice on the weekend and said the coaches were pleased with the women’s performance.

“Whenever you get the chance to play Inter with the rivalry and with Inter winning in the grand final last year we had a point to prove and the girls started really well,” Stephenson said.

Stephenson said he was impressed with the team and how they played overall as one unit.

“Because Inter were quite depleted, every player on the park probably outplayed their players but when you score eight goals in a game you’ve got to put it to the forwards,” he said

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