Investigation outcomes unknown

Investigation outcomes unknown

An elected member of the Robe District Council has unsuccessfully sought information about the actions of State Ombudsman Wayne Lines with respected to the seaside council.

Councillor Marcia Dening put two questions-on-notice to the November monthly council meeting as well as a preamble.

“Our council has self-reported twice to the Ombudsman over the past 11 months,” Cr Dening said.

“Issues which are identified for such action and which the elected members are made aware should be finalised with a report or update back to the elected members otherwise these actions become ineffective and unresolved.

“What responses/reports has the Robe District Council received back from the Ombudsman?

“Are the responses/reports available to elected members?”

Her queries were answered by acting Robe chief executive Pauline Koritsa.

“At this point no further information on these reports is available,” Ms Koritsa said.

“The Ombudsman does send an email with a link to his website from which his annual report can be read or downloaded.

“He no longer sends reports to individual councils detailing the outcomes of complaints to his office.”

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