Limestone Coast water allocation under review

Limestone Coast water allocation under review

The Limestone Coast (LC) Landscape Board has announced that amendment of the Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan is now under way.

The beginning of amendment follows an 18 month review period that found that changes are necessary for the plan to remain appropriate for the region.

The 2013 Lower Limestone Coast Water Allocation Plan served as the cornerstone for water policy reform in the region, converting area-based water licenses to volume-based ones and enabled the impacts of commercial plantation forestry to be managed through licensing.

The amendment will focus on six key areas: new knowledge, sustainable allocation, environmental provisions, legislative and policy alignment, reducing administrative and licensing complexity, and the water market.

In recognising the complex process ahead Limestone Coast Landscape Board Chair Dr Penny Schulz acknowledged that amendment will mean the plan will change and determining the necessary changes will require extensive consultation.

“The amendment process is a pivotal stage for our region as we have an opportunity to put in place policy and actions to ensure a sustainable future for our region’s water resources,” Dr Schulz said.

A Stakeholder Advisory Group comprising of representatives from the community, environment, primary production, and industry sectors will continue on in their role to support the amendment process.

“On top of the Stakeholder Advisory Group we look forward to once again working with our community, in particular licence holders, community members and industry and interest groups,” Dr Schulz said.

The amendment process will kick off with the first Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting being held later this month.

“We live in a region where many industries and livelihoods are dependent on the water resource,” Dr Schulz said.

“But our environment and communities are dependent on the same resource.

“We need to find a way to balance these competing interests to create a water secure future for all.

“Recognising the growing significance of climate change in water allocation planning, we acknowledge the added complexity it brings.

“This amendment will ensure that our evolving climate is duly accounted for.

“We acknowledge the amendment process will introduce uncertainty.

“We are committed to maintaining a high level of transparency and engaging stakeholders throughout the process.

“I urge individuals throughout the Lower Limestone Coast to seize the opportunities available to them, stay informed, actively participate and contribute to the development of the revised plan.

“As we embark on the amendment process, we are well-positioned with robust data, scientific knowledge, and the foundational framework of the current plan.

“By working together, we can ensure a sustainable and resilient water future.”

For further information on the review and to stay up to date with the amendment visit and follow the project at

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