Lobsters sink claws into super league title

Lobsters sink claws into super league title

The Kimberley-Clark Australia Night Super League was finalised last Thursday night at the Mount Gambier Bowls Complex.

The Bay Breakers and the Red Lobsters, both from Port MacDonnell, played off for first and second place with the Red Lobsters coming out victors 51 shots to 33 shots.

The play off for third and fourth was between the RSL Tankers and the Mount Gambier Lakers with the Lakers taking the honours 53 shots to 27 shots.

Fifth and sixth position was fought out between the RSL Raiders and the Mount Gambier Water Rats with the Raiders securing fifth place with a margin of 47 shots to 18 shots.

The night series competition commenced in 2021 and is held on a Thursday night commencing in February and runs for six weeks.

The original concept included Robe Roosters but unfortunately the Roosters pulled out and Mount Gambier, Mount Gambier RSL and Port MacDonnell continued the competition with two teams each.

The condition of play is eight players with a side manager, four club players and three draft players.

These draft players can be from other LSEBA clubs or the home club.

The aim of the draft player is to introduce more players from our association to the night super league concept.

Squads must have a minimum of two opposite gender players and they must play at least one opposite gender in each game.

It is a quick game of two bowl triples and three bowl pairs, with no rolling of the Jack (skips set the jack each end) and no dead ends.

Each team has the ability to call two power plays each round, if a team who called power play scores on that end they double their score for that end.

All matches have a time limit of two hours.

The club issued a thank you to Kimberley-Clark Australia for its continued sponsorship over the last four years.

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