Millicent icon’s legacy lives on

Millicent earthmoving legend the late Len Teagle has been inducted into the South Australian Civil Construction Hall of Fame for his work transforming the earthmoving landscape of the South East for nearly 70 years.

The Civil Contractors Federation Gala Industry and Training Awards were held at the Adelaide Oval recently and attended by 10 of Mr Teagle’s closest friends and family.

The award is to recognise individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the South Australian earthmoving and civil construction industry.

Mr Teagle started Teagle Excavations (now Teagle Contracting) around 1950, transforming it into the business it was when he retired, and his son Geoff Teagle took over in the 1990s.

Mr Teagle was the first in South Australia to purchase an International-Drott 4-in-1, revolutionising the way he worked and enabling him to tackle any job – loading, dozing, site preparation, demolition, with one machine.

He also purchased his inaugural excavator, a Hitachi UH07 in 1981, which was a first for the South East.

Teagle Contracting general manager Kurt Stephan said in the past Mr Teagle had always pushed and advanced the civil construction industry in the South East, including the progression of the Teagle Excavations business.

“The civil construction industry has changed a lot over the years Teagle Excavations has been in operation throughout.

“Len was fortunate enough to witness all those changes,” he said.

“In his time Len pioneered quite a few practices and various machinery that had not been seen in the South East before, which contributed greatly to his nomination and hall of fame induction.”

Mr Stephan said the South Australian Civil Construction Hall of Fame award was a great acknowledgement to Mr Teagle, the business and the work that was achieved in regional areas.

“Len was a bit of a cheeky bloke, but he was highly regarded within the industry and local district.

“He would have been absolutely chuffed to receive the award,” he said.

“It is a real shame the award ceremony had been postponed due to COVID-19 because it would have been fulfilling for him to receive this honour in person.

“We are all very proud of Len and the business and we are grateful for the work that started it all.

“We now employ close to 45 people, and we have not forgotten that it is attributed to being started and carried on by Len and Geoff.”

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