Millicent mural lights up

Millicent mural lights up

Ultra violet lighting has recently been installed at Millicent’s largest wall mural to add vibrancy to its night-time appearance.

The mural was painted in April of last year and transformed the blank rear wall of Ignition Fitness in Davenport Street.

Spectacular natural landmarks like pine forests and mushrooms were painted in vivid and fluorescent colours in the space of four days.

Professional visiting artists Mike Makaton and Conrad Bizjak were hired by Adam Wiese and Roxanne Wallis who are the owners of the indoors/outdoors gymnasium.

The brick wall was erected in 1964 when the adjacent building was a Coles department store.

The lion’s share of the costs were met by significant grants from Wattle Range Council, Stand Like Stone Foundation and the now-defunct Millicent Community Builders.

Assistance with the mural was also provided by the Imagine Millicent (IMAG) arts group. 

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