Museum houses murder mystery

Museum houses murder mystery

The ever-popular Murder Melodrama in the Millicent National Trust Museum will be staged on Saturday night.

The seventh such annual production has a record number of 36 actors and serves as both a fundraiser for the National Trust and a promotional tool for the award-winning museum.

Once again, local arts identity Chris Hollingsworth has the dual roles of producer and director to ensure an entertaining night.

Tour guides lead groups through the museum buildings where they are met with a variety of characters ad-libbing their way through questions asked by the quests in an endeavour to solve the murder.

The plot of this year’s murder mystery theme revolves around a busy country hospital where the famous plastic surgeon Doctor Black has been busy with his patients performing all sorts of miracles and improving the self-esteem of all of them.

Dr Black is a very creative plastic surgeon and finds ways around any issues (sometimes by way of unethical means but mostly through his professionalism).

He was recently found slumped over his desk and on further examination he appears to have been murdered.

Sergeant Blue is investigating the crime after the findings from the Coroner and several leads from the police.

Tickets for the Murder Melodrama at the Museum can be purchased from the Millicent Visitor Information Centre.

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