Mushroom lane ‘glow up’

Mushroom lane ‘glow up’

Apopular Limestone Coast tourist attraction will open in a revised format this year.

Ghost Mushroom Lane will be closed this season for the first time in eight years, after initially opening to the public in 2017.

Guided walking tours by ‘Walk the Limestone Coast’ will instead be offered as an alternative at the Glencoe forestry site.

Forestry SA chief executive Tim Ryan said there were a number of factors that caused Forestry SA to make its decision.

“Declining mushroom numbers at the Ghost Mushroom Lane site has led us to look at new ways to offer the ghost mushroom hunting experience to the public,” he said.

“Changes in seasonal weather, periodic forestry operations and the ever-changing life cycle of the pine forest are the reason fewer ghost mushrooms are growing at the Ghost Mushroom Lane site.

“The site is located within a working forest, so there are natural changes over time as the trees are thinned and the forest becomes more open. Eventually the forest is harvested and replanted, and the sustainable cycle starts again.

“These natural and environmental changes, along with our desire to provide a quality visitor experience, mean we have had to find a better way to do things.

“We’re committed to facilitating a successful future for ghost mushroom hunting in the Limestone Coast, with ongoing support of forest owner OneFortyOne. For the reasons outlined above, we have decided not to reopen the site.”

While the previous single lane location was operated by Forestry SA rangers, Mr Ryan said they were unable to be a tour operator for groups, especially when private organisations already provided the service.

“The lane was a single location operated by our rangers, which had to be closed early in past years because the numbers of mushrooms were not providing a great visitor experience,” he said.

“We believe the transition to guided tours will be positive for tourists, the community and local tourism sector alike,” he said.

“This new ‘tour-based approach’ will ensure visitors see the best mushrooms and receive the best experience possible.

“The presence of a tour guide and small group numbers mean visitors can safely access different parts of the forest, where the best mushrooms are.

“Provision of a premium experience will ensure ghost mushroom hunting remains at the top of the to-do list for visitors to the Limestone Coast, providing a positive economic flow-on for the region and new business opportunities for local tourism operators!”

For more information regarding the upcoming season, opening times or tour bookings, please visit or call 0408 086 792.

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