Never too old to play

Boandik’s dream has been made a reality with fundraisers paying for two wish-listed “Magic Table” projectors each worth $16,000.

The Tovertafel (in Dutch, “Magic Table”) projectors will be installed at Boandik Lake Terrace and Boandik St Mary’s to help residents with dementia.

The Tovertafel is a projector designed for play therapy in aged care settings that projects interactive visuals onto surfaces, which can then be interacted with by residents, staff, and visitors.

Research by the company behind the Tovertafel, Tover, has shown that playing interactive games can be helpful and effective for patients with early- to late-stage dementia.

The company states play can cut through apathy and boost social contact and satisfaction while reducing frustration, anxiety and sadness.

Boandik Marketing and Fundraising officer Christian Fleetwood said it was an exciting moment for Boandik’s Moore Court and Hakea residents made possible through the efforts of Boandik staff, volunteers, and residents and their families, who fundraised for these items.

“Without their efforts, it would not have been possible to purchase this equipment, which will be an exciting innovation to the way we enrich the lives of our people living with dementia,” he said.

“Boandik is also extremely grateful to its supporters who donated towards the purchase of the Tovertafel.

“Collectively, Boandik’s fundraisers and donors raised enough to purchase two Tovertafel projectors, one for Boandik Moore Court and another for Boandik Hakea.”

Boandik chief executive Gillian McGinty said the positive interaction between residents and the Tovertafel projectors will lead to an improvement in quality of life for people living with dementia at the facility.

“Residents will be participating in activities that are fun and engaging, and can be related to their past interests,” she said.

“There will be a sense of achievement as residents, staff and families are able to play the games together.”

The projectors will be supplied by Leef Independent Living, the sole distributor of the Tovertafel in Australia and New Zealand.

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