Racecourse off limits as clean up continues

Racecourse off limits as clean up continues

The storm-damaged Millicent racecourse is closed indefinitely for training purposes but its vast area is being put to community use.

The Millicent Racing Club has to repair running rails, the one-time secretary’s office and other structures as a result of the tornado-like weather event on December 12.

An enormous number of mature trees were felled and Wattle Range Council engineering services director Peter Halton said various disposal options were under consideration.

“We also consulted with the Millicent Racing Club who offered Wattle Range Council the option of transferring truckloads of fallen tree to the racecourse site to be piled up and burned at the conclusion of the 2023/24 fire season,” Mr Halton said.

“This allows for larger material to be stockpiled that cannot be chipped.

“The Millicent racecourse site has also been made available to contractors who have been assisting residents who do not have space to create burn piles on their own property.

“Wattle Range Council will manage the burning and/or removal of wood from the Millicent racecourse site on behalf of the community.

“We are considering the option of allowing controlled access to this wood for heating homes.”

The Millicent Racing Club has owned the property since the 1930s but has not staged any official meetings for over 50 years.

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