SASJA State Championship Players

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

SASJA State Championship Players

This weekend nine junior soccer teams will head to Adeleaade to compete in the SAJSA State Championships. The Limestone Coast Football Association will send two under 12 Boys teams, two Under 13 Girls teams, one Under 13 Boys team, one Under 14 and 15 Boys team and an Under 16 Boys and Girl team. They will compete against other leagues from across South Australia with games being played throughout the weekend, beginning on Saturday and ending on Monday.

Under 12 Boys Development: Jensen Summers, Joel Skeer, Kallen Shawyer, Casey Peterse, Jacob Schultz, Finn McEachern, Spencer Koppe, Ben Sullivan, Matthias Lalonde, Matthew Allen, Joseph Asanga, Bladen Owen and Liam Salmon. Coach Ben Allen – Manager Catherine Allen
Under 12 Boys: Hayden Bobbin, James Allen, Harry Window, Max Yeates, Charlie Pettingill, Jarrah Durbidge, Jack Koopman (absent), Eli Loef, Riley Stagg, Louis Prosperi-Porta, Levi Robertson, Luke Olivier, Hamish Harleigh, Ruban Cella and Kobe Skeer. Coaches Nathan Koopman and Wes Olivier – Manager Lee Yeates.
Under 13 Girls Blue: Clara Brogan, Tatiana Brogan, Poppy Window, Chloe Bullock, Ebony Owen, Harmony Oliver, Amelia Holmes, Felicity Loef, Mackenna Povey, Aria Taipiha, Kiana Baugh, Charlie Groen and Janelle Hetherington. Coach Alex Window – Manager Michelle Holmes
Under 13 Girls Red: Emmy Jeffery, Taylor Bobbin, Roxy Buck, Charlie Moors, Saskia Brogan, Taylor Lucas, Kaitlyn Gibbs, Sinead Legoe, Patience Taipiha, Ella Swiggs, Roxy Johnston and Jasmine Sims. Coaches Charlotte Stafford and Austin Fatchen – Manager Stacey Stafford.
Under 13 Boys: Harrison Stockwell, Mason Shephard, Max Greene, Acie Keane, Blu Say, Jaden Moo, Elijah Beaumont, Deklyn Shaw, Tyler Norton, Mason Rodgers, Dylan Lindquist, Michael Edey, Sam Mya and Jake Cary. Coaches Callum McIntyre & Harrison Stafford – Manager Fiona McIntyre.
Under 14 Boys: Cooper Fear, Noah Corfield, Sebastian Morello, Josh Kumbhare, Mustafa Akbari, Ah Tee Tee, Eamon Brooks, Solomon Htoo, Saimon Serentas, Nathan Chatindara, Evan Hussan, Ethan Harleigh, Josh Min and Jamison Howley. Coach Rick Vorwerk – Manager Bianca Vorwerk.
Under 15 Boys: Samuel Swiggs, Liam Bidese, Thomas Damhuis, Grant Garandi, Cody Beimans, Patrick Muzaliwa, Bailey Vorwerk, Ben Imani, Oliver Millard, Miller Bradley, Colby Hastings, Saw Gay Ler and Marley Cardinal. Coach Robert Vorwerk – Manager Eloise Vorwerk.
Under 16 Boys: Tyler Beimans, Bwe Bwe Moo, Patrick Dycer, Hay Hay Hta, Gay Ni Hsar, Oscar Livingstone, Sae Nay Mya, Eh Hsa Poe, Will Ruwoldt, George Reichelt, Tyge Schultz, Ryley Stephenson, Nicholas Teodoro and Angus Troe Binger. Coach Shane Dycer – Manager Leesher Schultz.
Under 16 Girls: Emily Brooks, Kara Murray, Sherridan Picken, Alita Huyser, Rylee Kuchel, Kyra Kuchel, Ruby Shepherd, Farlie Rigopoulis, Vanessa McDonnell, Paige Hastings, Zoe Butler, Jasmine Siemon, Claire Douglas and Emmie Leibhardt. Coach Hamish Calderwood – Manager Tania Kuchel.
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