SEAWL turns to community for support

SEAWL turns to community for support

Public emotions are continuing to run high following a joint council decision to cease using the pound services of the South East Animal Welfare League.

Social media has been awash with comments lambasting the Mount Gambier City and Grant District councils for seeking expressions of interest for animal rehoming services, ending the tripartite agreement between the three bodies.

SEAWL president Trevor Twilley spoke to The SE Voice following last week’s protest at the council chambers.

“It was not SEAWL’s decision to not accept an extension that led to council seeking expressions of interest, but the opposite as council refused to enter into a new tripartite agreement, and that is one reason why SEAWL decided not to accept an eight-month extension,” he said.

“Why would we accept an eight-month extension when we knew there was going to be no funding at the end of it?

“It was a huge concern of SEAWL members about the wellbeing of the animals in council’s care in the interim.”

Mr Twilley said the community was keen to get on board and support the league going forward.

“An initiative has been put forward by a member of SEAWL’s fundraising subcommittee which will be discussed at our board meeting next month,” he said.

“The proposal is to achieve 500 people donating $10 a month on an ongoing basis, so over a 12-month period that will equate to the $60,000 we are no longer getting from council.

“Being a not-for profit charitable organisation, those donations will be tax deductible as well and people that I have spoken to about that initiative, which has not been approved yet, but I am confident it will be, have put their support behind donating $10 a month.

“The reality is, if SEAWL was to close, you imagine the number of dogs and cats that would be wandering at large, which will further impound council’s quandary.

“I would just like to continue to thank the broader community for their support, at the end of the day we are providing a vital service to them as well and wish to continue to do so.”

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