South Australian phone program steps up COVID isolation support

Anew phone monitoring program which calls vulnerable South Australians with COVID-19 twice a day is ensuring those in the community who require additional support have everything they need to isolate at home.

Wellbeing SA has been allocated $2.3m in extra state government funding to run the program.

Wellbeing SA Chief Executive Lyn Dean said people were being referred to the COVID Home Telephone Monitoring Program after an initial health and wellbeing assessment from the COVID Response Care Team (CRCT).

“The program takes referrals from CRCT, who assess whether a person is more at risk of becoming unwell in their isolation period or may be more vulnerable,” Ms Dean said.

“They then receive a detailed health assessment over the phone through the program and typically two phone calls a day to make sure they have everything they need to safely isolate in the community for the duration of their isolation period.”

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