Teen singer shines bright

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Teen singer shines bright

Alocal teenage superstar has beaten hundreds of competitors to claim first place honours in a national singing competition.

South East singing superstar Daisy Stevens (pictured) recently won the 10th Take the Mic singing competition in the Contemporary Teen Division at Chapel Off Chapel in Melbourne.

Miss Stevens, 15, won a trophy and the opportunity to either headline her own show or open a show for another artist in Melbourne.

She was one of 45 people aged from 13-17 years old chosen from hundreds of applicants to qualify for the competition from her video audition.

Miss Stevens then went on to the semi-finals where she performed Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine.

“I was performing that for maybe six months before I took it to Take the Mic and because it was so perfected and polished I don’t think that it was very raw in a sense,” she said.

“What I think I definitely could have changed was making it a bit more my own.

“You have to kind of listen to the words and make it your own and your own life experience in a sense so with Dogs Day Are Over it was a bit hard to find that because it is such a well-known song.

“It was very difficult to kind of bring it into my own sort of world but also kind of change it around and I felt like because I was practicing it so much the normal way I could not really change it.”

Despite not placing in one of the top spots out of the 30 competitors in the semi-finals, Miss Stevens went on to take out the grand final against 14 other competitors with her rendition of the Amy Winehouse classic Back to Black.

“I changed it up and made it a bit more my own so I had to work on it quite significantly over and over again to try and make changes to the song to still have that Amy Winehouse essence, but have me in it as well,” she said.

“Especially with competitions, when you’re singing another artist, it is easy to sometimes fall back into copying their tone and their voice and that can really set you back.

“I feel like it is really important when you are singing the artist to bring yourself into it as well because it’s the story of someone else but you kind of make the story your own.

“I went through a lot of different versions of how to change it, I did get quite overwhelmed with it.”

The teen singing sensation said she was shocked to be announced as the winner of the major competition in her category.

“In the grand final it was one song again and it’s quite fast paced, so you just go on and you perform,” she said.

“When they said my name I didn’t realise at first they had said (it), so that was pretty exciting.

“It was a bit strange because obviously I worked really hard with the song I chose to do in the grand final but it was a bit out of my comfort zone.”

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