Thursday numbers dip

Thursday numbers dip

Numbers were down slightly at the Millicent Bowls Club 2-4-2 on Thursday with only 23 players taking part in the game.

This is perhaps due to the very warm weather, while the mid-week pennants did go ahead on Wednesday but started an hour early.

Before going out to play 2-4-2, players were reminded of the open pennant finals coming up, with perhaps three divisions from Millicent making the finals in open and one in the ladies.

Millicent’s Mid-Week Pennants missed out by one point.

There will be a quick meeting after 2-4-2 today to vote on notices of motion.

The winning team for last round was John Madden and Terry Lonergan, with a score of 34+24.

Runners- up was the team of Gary Wilson (Tug) and Steve Carnellor 33+2.

Other winning teams for the day were Graham Watson and Peter Scanlon 32+6, Rob Chambers and Peter Varcoe 31+4 and Chris Earl, John Silis and Jim Campbell 30+3.

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