Tree-mendous project

Tree-mendous project

Landholders across the Limestone Coast are being encouraged to take part in creating a new generation of trees as part of the Limestone Coast Paddock Tree Project.

Supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board in partnership with Trees for Life, the project aims to create a new generation of trees to replace those being lost.

Trees for Life Paddock Tree South East project officer Samantha Rothe said paddock trees are being lost at an alarming rate with little natural regeneration to replace them.

“Paddock trees are an icon of the Australian landscape,” she said.

Trees For Life is currently offering landholders the opportunity to plant new and protect existing paddock trees across former woodland sites within the Wattle Range, Tatiara and Naracoorte-Lucindale council areas.

“Research has shown that paddock trees are declining in the South East of South Australia and there’s a significant lack of recruitment of new seedlings,” Ms Rothe said.

“The project aims to create a new generation of trees by enabling landholders to plant new trees and apply best practice and cost-effective methods of sustainable agriculture to protect and value existing trees.”

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