United advances to prelim final in thriller

United advances to prelim final in thriller

United 19 d Wanderers 15

The Mount Gambier Softball League’s first final for the weekend saw third placed Wanderers take on fourth spot Concordes United in some tough conditions.

The first innings for both teams showed some excellent fielding with no runs crossing the plate for either side.

Tylar Kennett up first for United started the ball rolling in the second with a double to right field.

Sarah Thomson with her first of four safe hits for the game getting herself on then saw Rosie Clarke with a double to left field scoring Thomson for United’s first run across the plate.

A RBI to Dana Jones scored Bec White and a safe hit to Julie Beck scoring Clarke gave United a three run lead at the top of the second.

Rej Smith pitched well for Wanderers and was able to fight back and get their necessary outs they needed to end the innings.

Wanderers fought back hard with the bat with safe hits from Abbie Lovekin and Tracey Anderson putting pressure on United’s fielding that caused an error scoring Lovekin for Wanderers’ first run.

Jones with a KC saw the first out for United.

A safe to Fiona Finch scored Anderson, Thomson fielding the ball for United at short stop played smart and got the second out at third.

A double from LCF scored Edie Jones and advanced Finch to third base.

Another hit to Thomson at short stop saw her hold the runner and play first but Smith was quick on her feet and advanced to first safely whilst Finch was able to cross the plate scoring another run.

A safe hit to Leanne Little scored LCF and Smith and brought their tally to six runs.

Anderson’s hard hit to second was not lucky enough with Tylar Kennett quick on her feet to catch and secure the third out.

Going into the third, Leonie McCallum wasted no time with a safe hit to left field on the first pitch.

Thomson with another strong bat advanced runners to load the bases up.

Sisters White and Clarke both registered safe hits and scored more runners home.

Newbie Dianne Wilson’s massive double to left field scored another two runs with White and Clarke.

Wanderers refused to let the pressure get to them and made a beautiful catch to Charli Kaigg at centre to secure the first out, while Smith with a KC made the second out.

Codie Jackway changed things up by batting left handed which seemed to work in her favour with a safe hit and RBI which scored United a 7th run crossing the plate.

Smith was battling hard in the circle and received a fly ball back to get the third out.

At the bottom of the third Wanderers put the pressure back on United with their first three batters all getting on and home safe.

Superstar LCF smashed another safe hit and used some speedy legs to steal to second and a beautiful hit by Smith scored LCF for their fourth run.

Some quick outs and a great catch by Beck at second ended the innings 10-10.

The top of the fourth innings was quick for both teams with LCF for Wanderers once again showing her skill by securing all three outs.

United returned the pressure with some quick outs from White at first and a beautiful catch to McCallum at third ended the fourth innings.

In the fifth innings United utilised a couple of safe hits from Jackway, Thomson and White which allowed two runs to cross the plate.

Wanderers came out firing with the bat in the bottom of the fifth with Kaigg battling hard in the box to get herself get a walk and Finch showing her skill with a beautiful hit to left to get herself on.LCF followed her mum’s bat with another safe hit scoring Kaigg.

Smith was up next to bat, putting United under pressure with a miss field scoring Finch.

An injury forced United to change its field positions with youngster Harmony Kennett having to play in a position she was new to but adapted very well.

A walk to Lovekin allowed LCF to cross the plate and load the bases.

Anderson with a hit to centre scored Smith, which left the bases loaded.

McCallum fielded the ball and played the first out at third but it was not before Little crossed the plate.

The United players kept their heads high and fought back hard with a couple of quick outs.

At the top of the sixth United’s Jones got on with a walk and some speedy base running helped her to cross the plate.

Wanderers kept calm and worked hard to get the outs they needed to end the innings.

United fought back hard in the field as McCallum showed her skills with a couple of outs at third, picking off Wanderers’ lead runners.

Jones worked hard on the mound backed up by Jackway behind the plate and was able to secure a KC for the third out leaving the score 15-13 Wanderers’ way.

Going into the top of the 7th the United players knew they had to work hard and score runs.

Lead off batter Thompson hit a hard one causing an error in the field and getting herself safe at first.

White was up next and with a single to right allowed Clarke to put some pressure on with her hit resulting in an overthrow to first base scoring Thomson and pushing White to third.

Wilson with a hit to third scored White before Jones got an intentional walk and loaded up the bases.

Beck came up to bat and knew her job to be a batter and with a couple of wild pitches Clarke and Wilson were able to score.

Smith fought back hard resulting in a K2 for the first out.

Jackway caused havoc with another forced error scoring Jones and advancing herself to second, with a pop up fly to get the second out, but it was not before a massive safe hit from Kennett to right field scored Jackway and gave United six runs in the last inning, putting them in the lead by four runs.

Wanderers went into the bottom of the 7th needing to score five runs to win.

United stayed cool, calm and collected in the field, with a fly ball back to Jones for the first out.

Emily Little made Jones work in the box and picked a walk to get herself on base.

Concordes knew they needed to turn a double to win the game.

A hit to Jones played Beck at second and a beautiful throw to White at first saw the double play they wanted to take the win.

The pitcher and catcher for both teams did extremely well to play the seven innings out, the game was played hard but the underdogs Concordes United came way with the win 19-15.

A massive shout out to Will Anderson who has been bat boy for multiple clubs this year! We appreciate the help Will.

Warriors 11 d Demons 4

Kezia Feast had her Demons troops cherry ripe atop of the ladder for the season, and her side and Warriors geared up to attempt to provide the crowd with anything near the marathon game put on by Wanderers and Concordes United the night before.

Warriors were hitting first and Justine Koop led off against Demons gun Cody Manning.

Jarvo Queale got on base, moved around by an accidental bunt by Caroline Bradshaw then “Dennis Denuto” Sarah Polderman hit a spinny trickshot to Feast at short that spun away from the leader.

“The Smiling Assassin” Melissa Chuck stepped up and patiently picked a walk, loading up the bases with two out for the old timer Leyna Bruggemann who dispatched an outside pitch for a double, scoring two and Warriors were away.

Demons led off with their ‘Baby Demon’ Sofie Morale, whose dad offered his advice for both teams via expert commentary throughout the game.

Her side gritted their teeth and made the most of the Warriors’ fielding shambles with a wild throw, wild pitch then a dropped sitter helping the red and blue put three runs on the board and the pressure back on Warriors.

Jarvo snagged a fabulous line drive from the bat of Meg Merrett for the last out of the first, with Demons up 3-2.

In the second, Warriors made Manning work overtime with Kelly Doyle on with a lead off walk, “Doddsy” Dodds also walked before Justine Koop expertly placed a bunt, loading up the bases for Jarvo.

Despite a potentially neck injuring swing, she regained composure and walked for an RBI.

Bradshaw followed up with an RBI single to Steph Chant at left, Dennis had an eight pitch RBI walk, then Chuck bamboozled everyone with an infield fly that was not caught and Warriors snuck in two.

Warriors continued the grinding offensive pressure with Bruggemann and Skylea McLean on having forced an error.

Doyle shocked herself, celebrating like she had struck lotto when she reached first having put down a bunt like a seasoned pro and Warriors managing seven for the innings.

Simone Little was cool, calm and collected as she battled through a lead off walk, Bruggemann tightened the screws with the next three up three down including a handy catch to Doddsy from Em Hart’s bat.

Warriors were looking for a two down rally in the third, and who should answer the call, no one other than Dennis.

She zinged a triple past the ear of Billie Jones having taken over the pitching duties for Demons.

The Smiling Assassin showed her class by going with an 0-2 pitch, a RBI single to Little at right.

Bruggemann singled then McLean hit one back to Jones who finished the innings.

Sarah McInerny smashed the first pitch she saw to Doddsy, Manning followed suit before McInerny snuck in on a pass ball.

Chuck took a blinder foul fly catch off of Feast’s bat, the Demons coach recognising the effort made.

Jones duelled with Bruggemann before the latter effected a pop up to Jarvo at third, Jarvo made the point of showing Bruggemann how to catch a fly ball.

Merrett lined another laser, this time into Bradshaw’s glove for the third out and the score 10-4.

The next two innings were significantly tighter, Jones clocking Doyle in the leg who was then scored on a sizzling Koop single to Feast now at centre.

Jarvo smoked a double, but Koop got killed by her coach at the plate who sent her just to see if the Demons side could execute a relay.

They did and then some, an ill considered test when the relay person has the best arm in the league.

Demons came into bat and seemed to struggle with the variation from Bruggemann, three outs in a six pitch fourth inning.

Little took a fabulous catch off of Dennis’ bat with Manning and Jones making the subsequent two outs, keeping Warriors to nil for the first time and in nine pitches.

Demons headed into the bottom of the fifth needing to score to stay in the game.

Em Hart’s lead off battle was rewarded with a single to Doddsy but she was gunned down by Koop to Dennis at second, caught stealing.

After two safe hits and catching for her side in the warmth, McInerny had a brain fade swinging at something she usually would not for a K2.

Two outs and up strode Manning who was intentionally walked earlier in the game.

She got after the first pitch she saw, which was further outside than she would probably have preferred, but was still good enough for an infield single up the middle to Bradshaw.

Dennis then calmly made the last out, throwing over to Chuck at first and Warriors were through to the grand final with the mercy rule invoked 11-4.

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