Unleashing success at Casterton

Unleashing success at Casterton

Casterton’s annual Working Dog Auction, a renowned event uniting farmers and enthusiasts nationwide, has been recognised with its auctioneer James Tierney recently ranked among Australia’s top 20 auctioneers.

Casterton born Mr Tierney grew up among working dogs, instilling in him a deep respect for their role in farming.

The auction, dating back to 1882, began as a showcase for herding skills and has since evolved into a premier event, drawing attendees from across Australia.

Today, it attracts not only local farmers but also visitors from across Australia and beyond; with the advancement of online integrated auctions, Casterton WDA sees dogs sent to all corners of the country, a testament to the deep-rooted connection between working dogs and rural communities.

Mr Tierney’s accolade underscores his dedication and skill, spotlighting the Casterton Working Dog Auction as a leading industry event.

Casterton Kelpie Association president Karen Stephens praised Mr Tierney’s longstanding support and roots in the community stating it was no surprise to see this recognition as a top performer.

“The association has had the privilege of having James as the booming auctioneer’s voice of the annual Australian Premier Working Dog Auction since the beginning of his career, and we have witnessed many milestones and achievements across the years,” Ms Stephens said.

“James is a Casterton local that we are very proud of.

“He has supported the association over many years, travelling home from Wagga every year since moving away from the district, and for that, we are very grateful.

“He cut his teeth at the Casterton saleyards and at the annual Working Dog Auction, so what a better grounding could he get.”

The auction not only highlights working dog prowess but also fosters community unity and boosts the local economy.

As Mr Tierney’s career flourishes, he symbolises excellence in the auction industry alongside other notable professionals like Ross Milne of Elders Hamilton.

With Tierney’s leadership, the auction anticipates exceeding $4m in 2024.

Behind the scenes, preparations are under way for the June 8-9 event, including final entries for Saturday’s Muster and Rotary of Casterton’s Kelpie Art Show, signalling an exciting future for Casterton’s beloved tradition.

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