$3b sheep industry growth plan

South Australia’s sheepmeat and wool industry aims to boost revenue to $3b annually with the launch of the updated South Australian Sheep Industry Blueprint.

The Blueprint, launched at Meat & Livestock Australia’s MeatUp Forum in Gawler, will build on the success and momentum of the 2015-2020 Blueprint with the vision to continuously support a prosperous South Australian sheep value chain which is connected and adaptable, capturing market opportunities and continuously improving stewardship of animals and the

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the South Australian Sheep Blueprint 2030 outlines ambitious objectives to increase revenue and grow the state’s sheep flock.

“The Marshall Liberal Government’s Growth State 2030 plan aims to increase primary industries revenue to $23b by 2030,” he said.

“To achieve this, South Australia’s gross state product must grow by 3% every year and the livestock industry will play a major role in reaching this target.

“By supporting development of the South Australian Sheep Industry Blueprint 2030, the State Government is investing in a united strategy for an uplift in productivity and ultimately greater profitability for farmers.”

Blueprint Working Group Chair Jane Kellock said the development of the 2030 iteration was led by key stakeholders along the supply chain.

“The new Blueprint is an initiative compiled by industry, for industry, to support the whole value chain,” she said.

“The detail and directions outlined in the Blueprint have been informed through extensive consultation with over 200 producers, organisations and industry representatives.

“The Blueprint’s alignment with national and state priorities has engaged all facets of the value chain and highlights the key strategies and actions the industry will take to drive and secure the SA sheep industry as a leader.”

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