Army moves in to help aged care

There have been seven COVID-positive cases at Boneham Aged Care Service in Millicent in recent weeks.

To assist the facility to cope its strained staffing resources, the Federal Government is now providing direct support through their Armed Services support program.

A team of five general duties service people have been supporting since late last week in non-clinical tasks such as distribution of meals, cleaning and lifestyle support such as assisting with Skype and window visits.

An Armed Forces Medical Augmentation Team (MAT) arrived yesterday (Monday) to provide additional clinical support.

These teams consist of enrolled and registered nurses and can assist with direct clinical care.

Boneham chief executive Michael Filsell said on a social media post that restrictions on visits have been necessary.

“We are very grateful for the additional support we are receiving from the Commonwealth and SA Departments of Health to assist with our short-term staffing deficit and outbreak planning,” Mr Filsell said.

“We are also grateful to the other aged care homes in the region, both government and not for profit, with whom we have developed collaborative arrangements to support each other with PPE stocks and ongoing advice.

“We are all deriving benefit from these arrangements which gives all of us experiencing an outbreak urgent local support when we most need it.”

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