Craft event ‘put on ice’

Craft event ‘put on ice’

Millicent’s annual Geltwood Craft Festival has been put on ice for next year and is set to return in the autumn of 2025.

Last month’s festival was disrupted by poor weather which led to the cancellation of the market and concert in the parklands surrounding the rotunda.

It also clashed with the annual Mount Gambier Show and other regional events.

The organisers reportedly believe the 18 months lead time will be sufficient for the purposes of planning and financing.

The Geltwood Craft Festival dates back to the 1990s and commemorates the ill-fated English ship which was wrecked on its maiden voyage in 1876 off the coast of Canunda National Park.

With the exception of the past two festivals, it has always been held in autumn.

It was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 owing to COVID.

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