Cricketers pad up for mental health

The Mount Gambier and District Cricket Association will host a dedicated mental health round on January 15 in honour of a sporting icon.

Heath Case was involved with the association at various levels throughout the years as a long-term player, administrator, junior coordinator and enthusiastic supporter.

The inaugural round will take place on round 7 of the senior cricket competition this Saturday.

Cricket association Vice President Shane Dycer originated the idea of dedicating a round to raise awareness of mental health.

“The association is indebted to Shane for championing the case and deciding to plan such an event,” association secretary and treasurer David Pick said.

Dycer has partnered with Beyond Blue which has organised collection boxes and memorabilia which will assist in raising money for mental health and the Case family on a 50% share arrangement.

Pick said the association did not want the dedicated round to be a one-off occurrence.

“Sadly, the passing of Heath has triggered the event, but it is something the association wants to continue doing every year,” he said.

“This year it was to help support the Case family and raise awareness for mental health, but the idea is to have the versatility to support whatever cause is important to the community at the time.”

Every senior and junior club in the association will hold their own functions or themes on the day.

“We wanted each club to do everything their own way and try and raise money at a team level right through to a club level,” Pick said.

“From an association perspective, they will certainly be having Beyond Blue themed memorabilia and collection boxes shared with them, but we have not described any set fundraising ideas to the clubs.

“I know some clubs are doing barbecues, other clubs may have a dinner or something after the game, sell soft drinks or charge a dollar entry fee to the game.”

Pick said the association encourages spectators to attend this round and to help support the region’s clubs.

“The invitation is open if anyone wants to assist in any way, shape or form,” he said.

“We would appreciate if people attended their local fixture or their local team they support on the day.

“If anyone is unavailable or away on leave and wants to support this cause, you can make contact with the association who would certainly receive their sponsorship or whatever contribution they wish to make.”

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