Fishos take to region’s waters

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Fishos take to region’s waters

Adecent weekend of weather saw plenty of fishos gear up and get on the water, and with plenty of reports flowing through from the big blue, off the sand, up the river and inland, it sounds like the fish played the game.

Offshore anglers had a bit of wind to contend with early in the weekend, but as we progressed the weather continued to improve.

There was some nice fish caught off the bottom this week, a good mixture of gummy and school shark, snapper, nannygai, terakhi and knife jaw just to name a few, and it’s great to see them spread out now.

Anywhere from the 50mt line and beyond is worth a look, just keep an eye on the bottom, find a nice ledge, bommie or any other feature and give it a crack.

Across the border in Portland we’re already seeing some great offshore fishing.

There has been an early run of kingfish in the bay, and it’s already getting anglers very excited.

The snapper and shark fishing has been excellent for a few weeks now, and as the weather continues to improve, they should only get better and better.

Surf fishing along the Limestone Coast has again been impressive. Snapper numbers and sizes are excellent for the beach guys, with some of the better fish I have seen nearing that 80cm mark.

Corby McBride beached a couple of rippers over the weekend at Browns Bay, and so did the fisho beside him.

Nene Valley is still producing some great fish too, as has Canunda NP.

There has been a few mulloway caught in the last week or so from the beaches, and even though the size has not been quite big enough to take home, they’re getting closer.

There is not any real secret spots for them, you have just gotta have a bait in the water.

Inshore reef fishos have again been into the snapper this week, with fish to 80cm being boated, and in solid numbers too.

The usual go-to spots such as Green Point, Danger Point, Orwell Rocks and Blackfellows Caves have all continued to produce some lovely fish over the last few weeks, and having a good but not perfect sea to keep the water a bit stirry has definitely helped.

There has been some more great baitfish coming up in the burley trail, some anglers finding mackerel, salmon, tommy ruff and pike, which are all fabulous fresh cut baits.

The odd shark is still cruising around in the mentioned areas, so you never know what the next bite could be.

Whiting numbers have continued to impress us again this week, we have seen some really nice fish come from the Port MacDonnell breakwater this week, some up over that 45cm mark, which are great fish.

There has been plenty of smaller 32cm to 40cm fish mixed in with them, so most anglers are getting a feed.

There has been some nice whiting off the beach this week too, with Nene Valley and Carpenter Rocks still being the two hotspots.

There has been a few good catches again this week coming from the Beachport area, so those go-to areas in the bay would definitely be worth having a crack at.

Garfishing has been good for most again this week.

I have seen some very nice fish from Cape Douglas, Hutt Bay, Livingstons Bay and the Petrified Forrest for the waders, and boaties have done well inside the Port Mac breakwater, Livingstons and Pelican Point.

There has been some nice catches of tommy ruff and mullet too this week, and in all the same places.

As per usual, the old favourite bunch of gents under a float is still the most productive way, so if it ai not broke, do not fix it.

The inland fishing has been red hot again these past few weeks. The fishing in Rocklands Reservoir has been going from strength to strength. More Murray cod, yellowbelly and bass have been caught this week on a mixture of trolled and cast lures, and from all over the lake too.

Spinner and chatterbaits have been getting their fair share of big fish this last few weeks and speaking to a few of the guys doing it they’re saying purples and reds have been the most popular.

Trollers have done well using purple number 2 stumpjumpers, stick to around 3-5mt of water and you should do well.

Young Riley Cooper caught his first cod over the weekend up at Lake Charlegrark, to top it off, it was on his birthday, on his new rod he’d just gotten, and he rounded off the day with a big T bone steak on the banks of the lake.

It does not get much better than that I do not reckon.

The Glenelg River has continued to produce more lovely catches of fish this week.

Libby and Dave Moulden have been back into them again, boating another nice bag of ripper bream and perch up above Dry Creek but the mulloway still elude.

There has not been a lot of mulloway news this week other than a handful of undersize fish from around the Donovan’s area, but that’s been about it.

The bream and perch have been spread out nicely again, those down the front are finding nice fish, as are those way up in the upper reaches.

The landings have all been fishing well and are excellent platforms to take the family to wet a line over the Christmas period, and you’ll catch some nice fish.

The forecast for the coming week looks like we might see a bit of wind between now and Christmas day, but heading up the river, inland or even to our protected bays should be great.

From the team here at Spot On Fishing Mount Gambier, we wish everyone a safe and merry FISH-mas and look forward to seeing plenty of you over the summer break.

Until next week, safe fishing!

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