Mozzies sneak to tight win over Murphies


In a game that was always going to be close, Mount Burr capitalised on most opportunities in the first quarter with Ebony Clark and Sarah Nulty only missing three shots between them for the term.

Down the other end for Glencoe, Caitlin Hentschke and Laura Edwards took a little longer to settle in with Mount Burr in the lead at the first break 12 to 10.

Glencoe stepped up its defensive pressure in the second quarter thanks to Emily  Thompson, Sarah Edwards and Bec Edwards.

This gave the Glencoe goalies plenty of opportunities to score combined with patience and good feeding from Ashlea and Donna Edwards.

Glencoe was able to hold Mount Burr to  five for the quarter while they scored 11 themselves to be up by four points at half time.

 The game swung again in the third quarter with Mount Burr making changes.

Heidi  Eldridge was brought into centre and Laura Schultz changed to WA.

Mount Burr’s Heidi Clark and Madi Haggett combined well to get a few turnovers in Glencoe’s goal circle and some impatient  passing from Glencoe helped Mount Burr capitalise.

 Glencoe’s Emily Thompson continued to be a headache for Mount Burr’s goalies but they pushed through and were able to convert.

At three quarter time Mount Burr held a three-goal lead.

An unchanged Murphies line up not give an  inch in the final term, with Glencoe’s defensive pressure all over the court causing many  turnovers.

Mount Burr struggled on many occasions to get the ball past the centre third and  Glencoe capitalised on these opportunities to score 13 for the quarter as Mount Burr only scored four points.

Mount Burr was unable to regain its composure and Glencoe came away with the win  by six goals.


Robe started strong in its game against Nangwarry by gaining the upper hand early, with Saints players taking a bit more time to find their feet.

Timely intercepts from Robe’s GD Alannah Campbell resulted in the Roosters taking the lead by nine points at the first break.

Nangwarry come out firing in the second quarter as GD Hayley Burner and WD Jemma Parsons worked solidly for the Saints to create numerous turnovers, rebounding well and bringing the ball down for GS Cassie Dinnison to convert 11 of their 13 goals for the quarter.

Robe made changes at half time, bringing Isabelle Sneath into GK and moving junior  Maisie Hayes to WD.

This change gave Robe the lift they needed, with the defence taking charge and Campbell turning over multiple balls and combing well with Sneath.

Robe still could not capitalise on the turnovers, with Nangwarry’s Burner and Parsons  working hard and making it difficult for Robe’s attack to get the ball into the ring.

Errors in passing were the difference, with Robe only being able to gain another six goals to their lead.

In the last quarter, Robe managed to settle and gain momentum and slowly added to its lead.

Nangwarry never gave up and made Robe  work hard for every goal, with the quarter finishing 13 to 9.

 Robe claimed the win by 14 goals but not without a continued fight from Nanagwarry all over the court.


In wet conditions, Kalangadoo started the  match strong, with the defensive combination of Chelsea Croser and Mikaila Pitt  causing some early turnovers, which helped the team score the first four unanswered goals.

Both teams remained unchanged during the second quarter with Michelle Moore running hard for Port MacDonnell to feed goalies Kirby Carrison and Brooke Williams accurately.

Jess Trench and Kalangadoo’s Jane Auld had a tight contest with Auld making Trench earn every possession.

Melissa Russell made the most of scoring opportunities, accurately scoring 12 goals for the quarter to help Kalangadoo to go into the main break with a 21-goal lead.

During the third quarter Port MacDonnell’s Amy Morgan and Lisa McGregor stepped up their intensity to force errors from Kalangadoo’s attack.

In the final quarter Kalangadoo stepped up its defence which forced some wayward passing by Port MacDonnell, making it hard for the Demon’s goalies to get many opportunities and scoring just seven goals for the quarter.

Kalangadoo finished the game strong to defeat Port MacDonnell 66-33.


Both teams started strong in the clash between Kongorong and Tantanoola.

 Tantanoola capitalised on every opportunity with GS Emma Gould having her  best opener to score 18 goals for the term as Tantanoola led into the break 19 to 7.

Both teams remained unchanged in the second quarter and Tantanoola WA Casey  Walker dominated the mid-court and had pinpoint accuracy on her feeds into the goal circle.

Kongorong struggled to get the ball through the mid-court while Tantanoola increased its lead 42 to 13 at the half time break.

Both teams made changes with Tantanoola bringing junior Ebony Cylkowski on at WD and Alex Lucas into the circle with Kate Bromley.

Kongorong brought Bri Fuller on at GA and Alicia Trahar into defence, lifting its  workrate to create more scoring opportunities.

 Tantanoola increased its lead by six to take the score to 58-23.

Kongorong’s Sam Fox returned to the court at centre in the final term and both teams had great passages of play to finish the game strong.

Tantanoola took the win 78 to 33.

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