New lease of life sought for iconic city building

New lease of life sought for iconic city building

Aprominent Mount Gambier landmark is being restored to its former glory in anticipation for a unique leasing opportunity.

Moorak farmers Karen Bracken and husband Dale Barnard purchased the old Caledonian Hall on Penola Road last year.

The venue has been infamously known as Shadows Nightclub in recent years which closed in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced hospitality venues across Australia to cease operation.

The space is now available for lease by Complete Commercial senior property consultant Shae Landon.

Ms Bracken said the property is “ready for action” for a new tenant.

“At the moment, we are happy to entertain anything, I will take anyone and anything right at the moment through the agent,” she said.

“I would like it to be taken off my hands so someone to lease it, that might mean major change to the building and that does not worry me.

“I have been away for 50 years and I have just come back and this opportunity unveiled itself.

“The sky is the limit with what can happen in there.

“It is great, it is a piece of everyone’s past.

“The place still has the same vibe as it ever had.”

Ms Bracken has kept tributes to the building’s origins, but said she would “absolutely” welcome the return of Shadows Nightclub.

“I intend to keep the name and I have the Caledonian name registered as well as Shadows registered. As long as it is with me, it will be Shadows,” she said.

“If it came back dedicated to that it would be fine, but I would prefer the place to be open during the day so that all the community can come in and enjoy it.

“Really we are about music and performance, we have always loved music and performing and my husband is a former rock musician.

We would like to see the bands that were in here before back.

“This will hold 900 people and the more people you have got in there the more fun you have.”

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