New posting for country cop

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New posting for country cop

Millicent police officer Rachel Bagshaw is bringing her two-year local posting to a close.

Senior Constable Bagshaw has added an extra stripe and is transferring to Gawler as a sergeant.

The first male police officer was appointed to Millicent in 1874 but it took a further 111 years before a female officer took up a role at the George Street station.

Constable Cathy Mason was the first in the role almost 30 years ago on April 26, 1985.

A further 22 female officers have followed her in the past four decades.

Nowadays, all aspects of policing are open to females but it was not always the case.

For much of the twentieth century, they wore plain clothes and dealt mostly with females and juveniles.

Until 1973 only single women were permitted to join, and they had to resign if they married.

South Australia became just the second jurisdiction in the world to have women police on December 1, 1915 and it followed just five years after Los Angeles in the USA.

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