Pirates steal victory over Rebels

Pirates steal victory over Rebels

The Robe Rebels have fallen to fourth on the ladder in the Southern Ports Tennis Association, after a loss on Saturday to Beachport.

The Rebels, who only moved into second last round, faced tough opposition from the Pirates who put up a strong performance in matches across the day.

Further along the coast Kingston showed a dominant display over the Roosters.

In other matches, Frances-Lucindale Eagles hosted their first game at Frances against the Koalas.

The home ground advantage came in handy against a formidable Koalas side, assisting in their tight 14-10 win.

Finally the Wombats were too good for Penola.

Robe Rebels 9-105 lt Beachport 15-134

Robe hosted Beachport on what was one of the nicer days of tennis along the coast this summer.

With both teams pushing for a top three position on the ladder, both sides had plenty of depth throughout the order.

Beachport took the early lead in the day, taking five out of the six mixed doubles sets.

Egan Regnier and Andrew Brown proved their strength over Cade Kelly and Todd Watson taking Robe’s first set for the day 6-3.

George Pretlove and Emma Vasek took on Jake Harris and Lucy Corman however only managed to win three games.

Beachport continued to push ahead through the singles, taking the next eight sets.

Kimberley Austin managed to keep Shae Morrish to four games in their singles.

Barb Hensel and Nat Chambers endured a well battled tiebreaker, with Barb securing the win.

The match of the day was positioned perfectly on show court in the top men’s between Egan and Jed Regnier and Cade Kelly/Noah Lang.

After an early break then subsequent break-back, it was certainly going to be a spectacle of good tennis with the final score 9-4 in the Regnier boys’ favour.

Three set winners for the day included Egan Regnier, Tim Loveday, Lucy Corman and Tamara Sutherland.

Kingston 17-137 d Robe Roosters 7-75

It was a wonderful day at Kingston, with no wind at all which was a great for the seaside teams.

Robe was struggling to fill a team whereas Kingston had a few keen players after the break so Jacob Mules, Kym Lehmann and Awhi Zwart filled in for the other side.

Thanks for that guys.

Kingston got the edge in the mixed doubles to start the day off, Robe taking the number two and number three doubles.

Paul Rains and Rachelle McKay combined to make a strong team against Steve Edwards and Stacey Lehmann, winning 6-4.

It was another close game in Robe’s other mixed doubles win with the number 3’s Peter Obst and Alana Domaschenz getting the edge 6-4 over Neville Hines and Alex Menz.

There was an entertaining game on the side court between father and son duo James and Kym Lehmann.

It was a relatively even contested match with plenty of slice and spin, James taking the win over his dad 6-3.

On centre court there was plenty of hard hitting and skill on display between Matt Menz and Brad Agnew, at 4-4 Brad took the last two games to take the win 6-4.

Alex Menz has not lost a beat after not picking up her racquet for six weeks, playing some great tennis and having a good win against Robe’s Alana Domaschenz 6-1.

There were a few other close games in the ladies singles, Stacey Lehmann and Rachelle McKay had a great hussle with Stacey winning 6-4.

Abby Mules and Tracey Bainger also had some great rallies and hard hitting, Tracey winning this one 6-4.

Another 6-4 game against the Katies, Katie Agnew taking the win against Katie Hines 6-4.

The other singles in the men’s and women’s were relatively one-sided but a shoutout to Paul Rains for his game against the brick wall Steve Edwards, he went down 6-2 in a game that went for over an hour in a typical Steve type game with lots of rallies.

Unfortunately Neville Hines sustained a back injury a couple of games into his match with Peter Obst and had to retire.

Kingston finished strong and took all five of the played doubles and ended up taking the win 17 sets to 7.

Frances-Lucindale Eagles 14-137 defeated Lucindale Koalas 10-114

Frances served up a ripper day for tennis.

Congratulations to the three set winners who all came from the Eagles – Hayley Crossling, Bob Williams and Sarah Hinge.

The matches of the day were between the number one mixed pairs Sam Graetz/Michell Baker (Koalas) and Tarrant Fudge/Tyler Aitkinson (Eagles), with the Eagles pair winning in a tiebreak.

The other match was the ladies doubles combinations of Leanne McCarthy/Claire Garner (Koalas) and Jane Fitzgerald/Mon Van Dyk (Frances-Lucindale Eagles).

The Koalas pair eventually came out the winners 10-9.

Penola 8 sets lt Lucindale Wombats 10 sets

No Report Provided

After 11 rounds, Kingston sits comfortably at the top of the ladder on 16 points.

They are one game clear of both F/L Eagles and Beachport on 14 points. These two teams are fighting it out for a spot in the Division 1 grand final on March 2.

However, with both these teams having a bye leading into the final, this leaves space for both the Robe Rebels and Lucindale Koalas to sneak into second place.

These teams sit fourth and fifth respectively on 12 points.

Rounding out the top six are the Lucindale Wombats.

Sitting on 10 points, it will be a tough ask for them to move further up the ladder, yet they could find themselves in trouble with Naracoorte only sitting two wins behind.

These two teams face off this weekend.

All games are at Lucindale for Round 12 – Wimbledon Day.

It will be a 12pm start for all teams with spectacular tennis, Pimms and strawberries and cream all on offer throughout the day. 

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