Scudds leads team to fours win

The Millicent Bowls Club held its Ladies Championship Fours event last Sunday morning with plenty of action on the rinks. The preliminary games were played over 15 ends before the Grand Final was held over 18 Five teams and after two rounds, it came down to the decider.

The side of Del Parsons, Heather Carthew, Ella Pietersma and Shirley Thiele faced Lyn Scudds, Carlene Godden, Ros Varcoe and Judy Lowe. Parson’s team started off strongly leading five shots to one.

However, the scoreboard was tied up by the eighth end. Scudds’ combination continued its momentum to win six of the next nine ends.

The run of wins allowed her side to record a 17-10 shot victory and become the Ladies Fours Champions for 2021.

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