Sprintcar star ready to roll

Mount Gambier’s own Glen Sutherland is gearing up for three nights of solid Sprintcar racing this weekend.

The fun starts at Geelong’s Avalon Speedway tomorrow night, followed by a race on his home track Borderline Speedway 24 hours later before the finale at Warrnambool’s Premier Speedway Sunday night.

Sutherland’s racing year has been up and down having an inconsistent season but when things were right the car was fast and showed great pace.

Unfortunately for Sutherland he got caught up in a few racing incidents where he had nowhere to go.

These moments take a toll on the car and crew having to find countless hours to repair the car but with Brad Lepe as crew chief and all hands-on deck from the rest of the team, it has allowed Sutherland to bounce back on track and do it all again.

The Blue Lake born driver is the gentle giant of the speedway family around the country, has a great following of fans that cheer him on at any chance they get and is always the first to put his hand up and help anyone out.

Sutherland’s racing career started out in 1998 in a junior sedan where he learnt the craft of running around on clay.

He then jumped into a limited sportsman before going into the big time of Sprintcar racing and in 2015 he scored second at the Victorian title before winning the round 4 of the SRA Eureka Garages and Sheds Series at his home track the following season.

Sutherland travels the countryside where possible to compete and his favorite track to race on is Bunbury in Western Australia, but the best part of racing is interacting with the fans.

“I love the people and the fans you meet at every track all over Australia,” he said.

“I also love the enjoyment of racing because I have always wanted to be a Sprintcar driver.”

The team of the #S20 GEM group back Sprintcar is always presented in immaculate condition and the black and green colour scheme sure does standout on the racetrack.

Sutherland will finish the current season at this weekend’s Easter Trial and wants to make sure that things are all in place before he heads up to Darwin in August.

He is going to the top end to compete in the Chariots of thunder rounds at 7 Mate Northline Speedway where three nights of racing are to be held and kick start the next season of racing.v

Be sure to cheer along the S20 Glen Sutherland Racing Team and catch up with him after the racing on Saturday night in the pits.

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