Tigers claw back big victory

Tigers claw back big victory

Tigers v Federal

In Saturday night’s Division 1 baseball at Blue Lake Sports Park Tigers came from behind to defeat Federal.

In the bottom of the fourth the Demons were first cab off the rank scoring three runs.

Alex Reppin singled to leftfield as did next up Craig Nicholls and Nash Lobley picked a walk to load the bases.

Roy Hutchesson’s safety also into leftfield scored Reppin, Dean Searcy’s hit to second base caused an error by that player which allowed Nicholls and Lobley to both score before side away.

In the top of the fifth Tigers narrowed the margin by one after Jai Hillstone singled to centrefield and was then batted home by Matt Thompson.

The orange and black went ahead in the seventh adding three more runs.

Pat Kermond hit into an error at shortstop, Mitch Thomson picked a base on ball but was put out at second when Jai Hillston hit into a fielder’s choice also to shortstop who this time fielded cleanly.

Karl Ransom’s long three bagger to rightfield drove both Kermond and Hillstone across the plate tying the score at three apiece.

Matt Thompson’s double to leftfield saw Ransom home giving Tigers the go ahead run which was the final score of the game as neither team made any further impression on the scoreboard.

Tigers had six safe-hits for four runs batted in, six base on ball, five strikeouts and made no errors.

Federal had six safe-hits for one run batted in, one base on ball, 10 strikeouts and made two errors.

Central v South Indians

Central came up trumps against bottom side South Indians in Friday night’s Mount Gambier and District Baseball League Division 1 game at Blue Lake Sports Park.

With both teams’ pitchers showing tight control and errorless baseball being applauded in the field it was not until the top of the fifth inning the first runs of the game were scored.

Central’s youngster Sam Ruwoldt picked a base on ball, Josh Chuck on on a fielder’s choice with Ruwoldt scoring on a subsequent wild throw and Colby Muller was hit by a pitched ball.

Coach Kyall McClean’s safe-hit to shortstop batted in Josh Chuck and Dylan Chuck’s hit down the first base line was badly fumbled by the baseman allowing Muller to score on the hit and smart running by McClean also made the error even worse as he also scored.

Dylan Chuck scored on Koby Chant’s hit to shortstop which created a wild throw before the innings was closed out by the Indians but not before the Magpies had scored five runs for the inning.

Both teams changed chuckers in the sixth inning which halted the carnage but also did not allow the red and white to have any run spaces filled in on the scorebook either.

South recalled their starting pitcher to the mound from the catching position in the top of the ninth and Central took full advantage of his tiredness.

Colby Muller drew a walk, Jobe Harten hit into a fielder’s choice to shortstop and Kyall McClean was hit by the pitcher loading the bases.

Dylan Chuck’s safe-hit to centrefield scored both Muller and Harten leaving McClean at second and himself at first.

Alex Ridding then crunched the ball to deep leftfield which just managed to land safe over the leftfielders outstretched glove.

In this instance McClean was required to hold his base in case the catch was completed while Chuck was able to get a substantiable lead with time to go back to the base if the ball was caught.

As soon as it was realised the ball was not able to be caught both runners took off leading to a bizarre double play.

Because Chuck had momentum as they both rounded third base they were about a metre apart and both looked set to score easily.

However, with thought and accuracy the Indians fielders completed the impossible leaving all spectators in awe of the play.

Tarkyn Morale at leftfield recovered the ball at leftfield and quickly and accurately fired the ball to cutoff player Ben Nash who quickly relayed the ball to the catcher Ryan Placucci who was able to put the tag on McClean.

Meanwhile Chuck following close behind realised that he was also in trouble so turned to go back to third but in doing so slipped over and Placucci was able to also tag him completing the bizarre double play, a play that I have never seen in all my years of baseball.

The inning was wrapped up after Ridding crossed the home plate on Nathan Meinck’s single to left field.

South was unable to trouble the scorers in the bottom of the ninth leaving Central with a win eight runs to nil.

Central had seven safe-hits for six runs batted in, six base on ball, two hit batters, four strikeouts and made two errors.

South had two safe-hits, one base on ball, 10 strikeouts and made four errors.

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