‘tis the season of giving

‘tis the season of giving

At Christmas time each year, Millicent locals in need turn to such charities as ac.care to purchase essentials, to buy gifts for their children and to help meet the rising cost of living due to soaring power and other bills.

This year ac.care and Millicent Chemist and Giftware have partnered to brighten the lives of local families and they are calling on the wider community to rally together and help those most in need.

Shoppers are encouraged to purchase unwrapped gifts in-store such as jewellery, toiletries or toys at Millicent Chemist and Giftware and then place them under The Giving Tree.

They will be wrapped in cellophane and then have a card attached which states the suitable age and sex of the intended recipient.

Donors may remain anonymous if that is their wish.

Millicent Chemist and Giftware and ac.care are committed to making sure all gifts placed at the George Street store by December 18 go to local families.

Millicent Chemist and Giftware is part of the nationwide Alliance franchise.

The Giving Tree Christmas Appeal was launched in Alliance stores across the country this month and runs through until the lead-up to Christmas.

Millicent ac.care coordinator Evonne Lambert is pleased that a local business such as Millicent Chemist and Giftware is supporting her organisation and the wider community.

Ms Lambert has commended the Alliance franchise for The Giving Tree initiative and urged locals to support it where they can.

“This Millicent business is thinking of the community and The Giving Tree is allowing others to be supported,” Ms Lambert said.

The Giving Tree is located just inside the front door of the George Street premises.

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