Twilight delight kicks off round

Twilight delight kicks off round


Inter v Blue Lake

This week International Soccer Club will take on the Blue Lake Rangers at Casadio Park in a twilight game on Anzac Day for Round 2 of the Barry Maney Premier League.

Both teams are coming off good wins last week, with Inter getting the job done over Apollo in a 6-1 victory.

Blue Lake faced a bit more adversity in their win as it took an 82nd minute goal to get the win over Naracoorte.

Both teams had their main scorers in their games with Inter’s being Matthew Bueti who scored four goals while for Blue Lake Shar Nay Than scored all of their goals with four.

If Inter wants to win this game their defence will have to keep an eye on Than as he caused Naracoorte a lot of trouble during Blue Lake’s set plays.

The same goes for Blue Lake.

They will need to do a good job at stopping Bueti who was doing it all last weekend with his penalties and open play goals.

Naracoorte United v Gambier Centrals

Naracoorte United will host Gambier Centrals in their home opener this weekend.

It’s still hard to tell how this game will go with Centrals having the bye last week but they will have their work cut out for them with how well United played in the first round against Blue Lake.

Centrals will have to stop United’s Kevin Marshall who made some big plays last week to keep his team in the game.

Centrals’ James Davey has been showing signs of posing a threat to other teams during their pre-season and is a key player that United will be looking to stop on Sunday.


International v Blue Lake

International will face Blue Lake at Casadio Park on Anzac Day in Inter’s home opener.

Last week Inter had a disappointing loss to Apollo to start their season and this game should be another good test for them as they look to improve on their performance from last week.

After letting Apollo score six goals last week, Inter’s defence will need to bounce back and re-focus their attention on this week’s game.

Inter will have to do a good job at stopping Blue Lake’s Aimee Brooks who scored two goals last week in their win over Naracoorte.

Millicent United v Apollo

Millicent United will take on Apollo in Millicent this week which should turn into an exciting match.

Both teams are coming off good wins from last week and they will be looking to build off their success from those games.

For Millicent, besides their own goal in the second half they played an overall very good game.

Millicent’s Lana Shepherd is coming off a hat trick performance from last week and will need to keep the momentum going into this game.

Apollo is coming off an all-round great team performance and keeping a clean sheet last week will give them confidence this round as they play a side that has goal scoring threats.

Apollo’s Alix Lescure and Deni Atkins are both coming off double goal performances and they will need to step up again this week.

Naracoorte v Gambier Centrals

Naracoorte United will play Gambier Centrals in Naracoorte this week.

Both sides had disappointing losses and will be looking to get some points this week.

Technically neither side has kicked a goal yet with Centrals lone score last week coming from an own goal.

Centrals has shown they are a good side with how well they performed in the pre-season carnival.

In the carnival Centrals took a 3-0 over United which shows they can score against them.

A key player for Centrals will be their young talent Jasmine Siemon who had lots of great passages of play on the wing in their game against Millicent and will have to do the same again this weekend.

For Naracoorte they will have to defend really well against a side like Centrals that has a lot of speed if they want to come away with any points in this match up.

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