Wonder woman walks the talk

Beachport woman Linda CarterShepherd has been lacing up her running shoes and going for a 5km run every day for over two years.

Irish-born Ms CarterShepherd has been running since March 6, 2020, the day Ireland went into COVID lockdown.

Ms CarterShepherd is a mental health counsellor by profession and said she always talks about how beneficial exercising is for mental health because it releases feel-good endorphins.

She usually runs at sunrise on the jetty or beach and said running has been good for her mental health and well-being.

“I spend so much time for the rest of the day thinking and problem solving and just being really busy, so that 30 to 40 minutes in the morning is a great way to refresh, to reset, to ground yourself, to get in touch with nature,” she said.

Ms CarterShepherd will go for a run no matter the weather and said running in the rain and wind can be a great way to feel alive and bring your attention to your senses.

Even when she caught COVID and was isolating in her backyard in a caravan, she stayed committed and ran laps around the caravan and the garden each day.

Other people around the region are also running five kilometres a day, including Brad Tilley from Millicent and Kate and Justin McDonald from Penola.

Ms CarterShepherd posts her milestones on Facebook to encourage others to start running and said she will keep going for as long as she can.

“I’m not a runner by any stretch, I never thought I would be able to do something like this and then stick to it,” she said.

“I suppose at the start when you start something new, it’s about being disciplined, you have to be disciplined to keep on doing it, and once you get into that groove then your motivation kicks in.

“I definitely feel a lot fitter and a lot stronger now to what I was before starting to run.”

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