Exhibition reflects ‘passionate focus on nature’

Moorak artist Trudy Tandberg will showcase her latest exhibits at Penola’s Gallery 54 from Friday.

“Reflections on Nature” and “The Flight of Memory” will be on show in the gallery until September 4.

Ms Tandberg is an enthusiastic artist who enjoys engaging with people and has a passionate focus on nature and community wellbeing.

She currently works to provide Art Therapy activities for senior members of the community, after previously working in arts/cultural strategy and programming in local government and program facilitation in environmental conservation organisations.

Originally from Melbourne, Ms Tandberg has a Bachelor Degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Fine Arts and Media, Graphic Design and Textiles, as well as a Graduate Diploma from The University of Melbourne in Art History and Cinema Studies.

She exhibits in group shows held in Melbourne’s inner north, Riddoch Gallery and regional galleries on the Limestone Coast.

Ms Tandbery is a member of Thumbprint Workshop Incorporated and works from the Chapel Studio in Suttontown.

In the summer of 2017 she transitioned from inner city lifestyle to a working farm in Moorak, which was a major change in her life and has resulted in a shift in her creative work.

At present her work is about exploring the expansive but elusive quality of nature on the Limestone Coast, the lakes, caves, sink holes, aquifers, limestone and wildlife.

Hence this body of work is called Reflections on Nature and the Flight of Memory- an Arts Enrichment Project held at Boandik and funded by Country Arts SA – Step Out Grant 2019.

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