Member re-elected

Member re-elected

Retired veterinarian Dr Kevin McGrath was re-elected unopposed as the Millicent Health Advisory Council presiding member at its recent annual general meeting.

Graeme Richardson has stepped down as a Millicent HAC community representative while senior registered nurse Alice Brennan has ended a 15-year stint as the Millicent Hospital staff representative.

Continuing on the Millicent HAC are Moira Neagle, Laurie Dacy, Ralph Domachenz, Ron Wood, Lorraine Hyland, Tony Glowacki and Brenton Dohnt.

There has not been a medical practitioner representative on the Millicent HAC since its inception in 2008.

Mr Dohnt told the annual general meeting that Member for MacKillop Nick McBride had not exercised his right to nominate a Millicent HAC representative.

In reply, Dr McGrath said he had spoken to Mr McBride about this situation at the recent Millicent Show.

Dr McGrath said the MP would be an apology from the annual general meeting as he would be attending a meeting of A.J. and P.A. McBride Pty. Ltd.

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