Motorsport goes full bore this weekend

SEAC Park will host a series of events this weekend, with a “Rally Cross” to take place on Saturday starting at 1pm. 

Sunday will follow on with the second round of the 2021 Super Series “Autocross” starting about 9.15am. 

Entries for both these events need to be completed through the Motorsport Australia website and close at midnight tonight (Thursday). 

Rally Cross is a very different event to what SEAC Park normally runs. 

A series of time trials takes place, with each competitor recording their best time for grouping of drivers in similar lap times, regardless of vehicle types. 

Heats are then run for each grouping (depending on numbers of competitors) with the pole position rotated through the group (either 4 or 6) and after a rolling start, awarded points for finishing positions. 

Fastest (most points earned) cars are then assembled for the final series and winner takes all. 

Providing a very good race surface, the Park will benefit from this week’s rain to reduce the dust raised by four to six cars on track at the same time. 

Returning to a more normal type of competition on Sunday with the Autocross Round 2, all competitors will run solo on the track, against the  clock on each run, with the tally of time (and penalties) at the end of the day’s competition sorting the serious runners from those out for a skid. 

Weather will play a big part in what the race track is like after Saturday’s workout. 

A softish track may present a few holes to be dealt with, but, as usual, the director of the day will make a few changes to keep the circuit safe to run. 

Spectators are welcome either day  and can view the action from the road- side on Megaw Road or come into the  complex and look through the pit area  and watch competition from either of the viewing mounds that have been built for that very purpose. 

COVID awareness is to be observed if you attend the complex – no fever, flu symptoms etc. 

Catering will be available on site on Sunday. 

The second round of the Limestone Coast Motorcycles and Small Engines Grass Track Series will take place at 583 Caroline Road, Glenburnie with Mount Gambier Junior Motorcycle Club riders to take centre stage from 8am on Sunday. 

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