Study shared at church breakfast

Study shared at church breakfast

AMillicent church minister has found a practical application to one of his theoretical assignments.

Pastor Simun Lalich has had charge of the Millicent Baptist Church for the past year and is working towards a Bachelor of Theology degree.

As part of his Summer School studies, Pastor Simun was required to write about the Christian approach to love.

Coincidentally, it was recently the Baptist Church’s rostered turn to host the ecumenical men’s breakfast.

Rather than write a fresh sermon, Pastor Simun modified his Summer School assignment.

At its start, Pastor Simun joked it would not be a long and rambling address but would be limited to seven minutes.

He made good use of the Bible with numerous references to the Gospel of St John. At its conclusion, there was a 30-minute period of general discussion among the 12 men in attendance.

Most of the churches in Millicent were represented at the ecumenical men’s breakfast where physical and spiritual food were served.

The next ecumenical men’s breakfast will be hosted by the St Alphonsus Catholic Church on a Saturday in May which is yet to be fixed.

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